Aligning For Wealth

Aligning For Wealth

Someone asked me recently if​ I could articulate some easy and​ basic "steps" that a​ person could do every day that would help them be in​ alignment with wealth, meaning be "in line" to​ attract wellbeing, goodness, and​ prosperity. So, that prosperity would flow easier in​ life. So, that where they stood emotionally was a​ reflection of​ what they wanted to​ create in​ life, versus standing in​ fear and​ scarcity.

My answer to​ that question was yes! Yes, you certainly create some basic "steps" to​ do each and​ every day that would align you with wealth, joy, and​ goodness. Now, before I go there, I want you to​ realize that these steps, or​ perhaps a​ better word would be "keys", to​ alignment are not set in​ stone. But, they are indeed good building blocks for​ beginning the​ journey, your journey, that sets your "keys to​ alignment" apart from everyone else's.

1. I would begin with a​ heaping dose of​ self-care. What I mean by this - choose at​ least 10 things to​ do for​ yourself each day that isn't a​ should or​ a​ have-to. This is​ one of​ the​ most essential things. it​ builds your sense of​ self worth and​ you will begin to​ love yourself in​ a​ new way, and​ this in​ turn, lines you up with love, wellbeing, and​ prosperity.

2. Meditate. Every day for​ at​ least 5-15 minutes, begin to​ intentionally quiet your mind. Increase this time as​ you are able. Close your eyes, breath in​ through your nose, and​ out through your mouth 3 times. Then gently focus on your heart and​ your connection with God. Let fleeting thoughts pass by, with out resistance. Stay focused on your love for​ God, your appreciation, and​ your joy. This is​ Tibetan form of​ meditation that I have found to​ be excellent.

Why is​ meditation important? Connection to​ All That Is, and​ All That is​ a​ far cry from scarcity isn't it?! it​ is​ good to​ experience truth and​ love on a​ daily basis and​ move away from the​ many illusions of​ life. Meditation also quiets your mind so that you can raise your vibration to​ it's most natural and​ abundant state. in​ this state, you are powerful attractor of​ wealth and​ wellbeing. Treat your self to​ this each day.

3. Be in​ charge of​ your thoughts and​ feelings. Choose thoughts and​ feelings that make you feel better, and​ help you to​ ease any resistance to​ wellbeing in​ your life. if​ you can jump into joy this is​ great! But, if​ joy is​ too big of​ a​ stretch, then take your time and​ ease your way there. Make the​ topic of​ "feeling good" or​ "feeling better" at​ the​ top of​ your life's list.

Here is​ an​ example. I have this little health issue. I could, if​ I chose, stand here: "This health issue is​ the​ worst, I can't handle it, I have no control over this, my doctors don't care, feel angry ..etc etc. "

OR, I could stand here, and​ ease my resistance to​ it: "Well, I am here. it​ is​ better than where I was last week, and​ I can really feel myself improving a​ bit. I love my new naturopath and​ I believe in​ her. I know I will heal, and​ I know it​ will be soon, I can feel it​ coming. I trust I will have learned something from this, and​ that my body will be healthier because of​ it​ in​ the​ end. This thing won't get me. It's MY life."

Help yourself move UP the​ wellbeing scale, versus spiraling down and​ around, creating more of​ the​ same situation you are in. You will be amazed how your connection to​ wealth and​ wellbeing seems to​ just if​ it​ was there all along. Imagine that! Here it​ comes.

Lori Hamann

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