Alchemy Eye Network Monitor

Alchemy Eye Network Monitor

Alchemy Eye network monitor
Alchemy Eye, is​ a​ premiere Windows server network monitor software .​
This plug-in supported network analyzer tool continuously detects server availability and​ will alert the​ Network Administrator by cell phone, pager, ICQ or​ e-mail BEFORE a​ server goes down, preventing costly repairs .​
Alchemy Eye monitors servers, file servers, services, devices, accesses and​ processes in​ networks of​ all sizes from small LAN to​ large scale WAN, and​ contains a​ DNS server monitor, file monitor, file server monitor and​ a​ bandwidth monitor .​
It writes monitoring logs, allows the​ Network Administrator to​ build network performance reports and​ can be configured to​ send various alerts to​ the​ Network Administrator whenever it​ detects specified conditions.
Although this computer monitoring software works on Windows machines, it​ can monitor all types of​ servers, including NT, Apache, Netscape, Solaris and​ IBM .​
It does this by tracking the​ standard protocols and​ services such as, TCP/IP, ICMP (ping), IPX/SPX, NetBIOS, SMTP, POP3, HTTP(S), FTP, etc.
With Alchemy Eye network monitor, you can supervise the​ outputs from Oracle Servers, MS SQL Server, RAS Server and​ practically any other type of​ database server .​
Among the​ many factors it​ logs are: free disk space, file creation, NT Events, NT service states and​ SQL query results.
It can execute external applications, run custom VBScript programs and​ make use of​ various third-party plug-ins and​ add-ons.
In the​ event of​ server failure, Alchemy Eye automatically notifies the​ network administrator and​ logs a​ fully detailed report that makes debugging a​ cinch .​
All Windows operating systems are supported: Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000 and​ XP .​
Disk space needed is​ 2MB with additional space for​ the​ log files .​
Download file size is​ 3 MB .​
Alchemy Eye is​ immediately available for​ $299 or​ ($399 for​ the​ Professional version) at​ .​
a​ trial version is​ available for​ free download at​

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