Alaska Real Estate The Great Outdoors

Alaska Real Estate The Great Outdoors

Alaska Real Estate - the​ Great Outdoors
Alaska is​ the​ biggest state in​ the​ Union and​ tends to​ be a​ take it​ or​ leave it​ proposition for​ relocation .​
For those choosing Alaska, the​ real estate market is​ a​ solid investment .​
Known as​ the​ great land, Alaska seems like a​ harsh, remote wilderness and​ certainly nowhere anyone would want to​ live .​
These assumptions are blown away once you visit and​ are overwhelmed by Mother Nature at​ her absolute best .​
From magnificent mountain ranges to​ ocean shores to​ glaciers to​ raging rivers, Alaska is​ an​ outdoor enthusiasts dream .​
In a​ state that compromises fully 20 percent of​ the​ total land mass of​ the​ United States, there is​ practically nothing that can’t be found .​
On a​ personal aside, Denali National Park is​ a​ place you should visit at​ least once in​ your lifetime .​
It will leave a​ mark and​ give you a​ new respect for​ nature .​
Anchorage is​ home to​ roughly forty percent of​ the​ human population in​ Alaska as​ bears, moose and​ so forth seem to​ prefer other areas .​
If you’re flying in​ to​ Alaska, Anchorage is​ going to​ be your destination .​
Overall, Anchorage is​ a​ sprawling, chaotic city .​
It has received more than its fair share of​ criticism for​ being un-Alaskan, but it​ is​ the​ primary choice of​ homebuyers looking for​ a​ big city in​ Alaska .​
The state capital of​ Alaska, Juneau is​ the​ best city in​ Alaska in​ my opinion .​
The city abuts rain forests, mountains and​ the​ Gastineau Channel .​
Named after the​ first prospector to​ strike gold in​ the​ area, Juneau is​ a​ collection of​ modern amenities with old world charm .​
Buy a​ home in​ Juneau and​ you’ll wake up every morning to​ the​ most spectacular views in​ the​ world .​
Put another way, Juneau is​ where the​ cruise ships stop in​ Alaska .​
Alaska Real Estate
In a​ state as​ large as​ Alaska, prices can vary tremendously .​
Property in​ small towns can cost next to​ nothing, but lets focus on the​ biggies .​
$300,000 is​ the​ average cost for​ a​ single-family residence in​ Anchorage, while it​ is​ going to​ take $450,000 to​ buy the​ same home in​ Juneau .​
For 2018, homes in​ Alaska appreciated at​ a​ rate of​ just over 13 percent.

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