Alaska Fishing Guide 23

Alaska Fishing Guide 23

There are not many places left in​ the world that can truly be described as​ wilderness .​
Alaska has those places and tourists love to​ see its pristine environment .​
Fishing enthusiasts particularly like to​ come here and any Alaska fishing guide will show that the sport can be pursued by novices or​ experts in​ many different locations and catching several different types of​ fish .​
Many companies organise fishing vacations in​ this region.
The Kenai River is​ a​ favorite spot for salmon charters, seeking to​ catch King, Red, Pink and Silver Salmon .​
Halibut and Trophy Rainbow Trout are also to​ be found here .​
Salmon drift boat fishing on the Kasilof is​ also popular .​
The boats come equipped with tackle, bait, GPS navigation system, radar and a​ heated cabin and inside bathroom .​
The guide provided is​ an​ expert in​ local conditions and finding fish .​
Many of​ these charters are part of​ packages that include lodge style accommodation.
All kinds of​ fishing are catered for here and an​ Alaska fishing guide will direct people to​ the right location or​ method of​ fishing that is​ right for them .​
Guided charters are available on the remote Talachulitna River, a​ perfect spot for fly fishing, float fishing or​ spin fishing .​
This beautiful area in​ South Central Alaska gives the opportunity to​ catch rainbow trout, five different species of​ Pacific Salmon, dolly varden or​ Arctic Grayling .​
The guides are skilled in​ fishing and in​ rafting and all flies and spinners are supplied .​
After a​ day's sport, guests can retire to​ comfortable riverside camps, equipped with large tents, sleeping bags and cots .​
They will have worked up an​ appetite and tasty meals are served .​
It is​ a​ good idea to​ consult an​ Alaska fishing guide on what to​ take along but the basic essentials are clothes, rods, reels and waders.
For those wanting an​ experience in​ very remote terrain with a​ variety of​ wildlife, traveling to​ the far north fulfills that dream .​
The Anvik River Lodge, which can be found in​ a​ good Alaska fishing guide, provides comfort, privacy and amenities on the banks of​ the 120 mile Anvik, which is​ a​ tributary of​ the famous Yukon River .​
Guests are flown in​ from Anchorage on private flights .​
The accommodation includes private baths and a​ communal dining room, where fresh food including Alaska steak and King Crab are served .​
They can hope to​ catch Pacific Salmon, Northern Pike, white fish, shee fish and Arctic Char .​
There is​ also the exciting prospect of​ seeing grizzly bears, moose, otters, wolves, beavers and various species of​ birds.

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