Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems

When most people think of​ alarm systems, they think of​ the​ systems that alert the​ police when someone is​ breaking in, or​ will call through to​ the​ fire station if​ the​ house is​ on fire .​
These are pretty standard things for​ those who have them, but what I​ did not know, and​ what many do not know, is​ that there is​ so much more that these systems can do today, though much of​ it​ is​ used in​ commercial buildings .​

Some homeowners may find they would like things such as​ these as​ well, especially if​ they travel away from home for​ long periods of​ time.
My husband works for​ a​ large construction company, and​ when something goes wrong with one of​ their buildings in​ our town, he is​ the​ one they call .​

It doesn’t happen all of​ the​ time, but it​ does seem that the​ alarm systems have hair triggers, and​ there are times when we get a​ lot of​ calls, many of​ them in​ the​ middle of​ the​ night .​
They aren’t all about motion detectors, fires, or​ even burglar alarms .​

The calls often have to​ do with things that may go wrong with the​ building and​ cause damage.
I had no idea, but there are alarm systems that could gauge the​ heat of​ a​ building, but they do it .​
One building in​ particular has a​ very touchy heating and​ cooling system .​

When the​ temps drop down to​ far, the​ alarm systems go off as​ a​ warning .​
This then usually leads to​ a​ call to​ our home in​ the​ middle of​ the​ night .​
When the​ temps get too low, the​ system can freeze, and​ the​ entire building will be messed up by the​ next day .​

These alarms don’t come in​ the​ summer, but they come often in​ the​ winter .​
My husband has to​ get out of​ bed to​ go fix the​ problem.
Even more amazing, alarm systems can detect water .​
After a​ particularly bad rain last week, something busted in​ a​ basement, and​ water filled the​ rooms up to​ about twelve inches .​

The basement had offices for​ a​ lawyer, a​ tax office, and​ a​ physical rehabilitation office .​
The first notice they had that something was wrong was an​ alarm that warned of​ high water .​
Thanks to​ the​ alarms, the​ problem was taken care of​ immediately .​
There was still damage, but there would have been more if​ no one had known until Monday morning.​

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