Air Compressor Purchasing Guide

Air Compressor Purchasing Guide

An air compressor is​ a​ valuable piece of​ equipment for operating power tools. They are better in​ terms of​ efficiency and are easier on you. The type you need depends on the tools you will be using. Good choices include a​ Copeland compressor, Husky air compressors or​ Quincy compressors.

Factors to​ Consider in​ an​ Air Compressor

Consider how often you will use air compressors and how it​ will be used. What tools will you be using and how much power will be needed to​ operate them? Some tools, like nail guns, don’t need high volume compressor. Others, such as​ drills or​ sanders do need high volume because they require steady air flow.

Set a​ budget for your purchase. The price for these machines varies significantly from brand to​ brand. Buying a​ used compressor is​ one way to​ make your budget stretch further.

The style of​ the pump is​ another consideration. The most common are direct drive and belt drive. Direct drive pumps will last up to​ five hundred hours. These take up less room in​ your workshop. They are well suited for moderate uses. Another benefit of​ these is​ that no oil changes are needed. Belt drive pumps require oil changes every five hundred hours and will last for about fifteen hundred hours. These are good for do it​ yourself as​ well as​ professional use.

Consider the power of​ the compressor. Consider both the horsepower and pound per square inch (PSI) pressure. Make sure it​ is​ more powerful than the most powerful tool you will be using. Check your tools before purchasing the compressor.

The tank size is​ another important consideration. These come in​ sizes from two to​ one hundred gallons. The more you will use the equipment, the larger the tank you will need. Always go a​ little larger than you think you will need. This will ensure that you can get the optimum use from the compressor.

Finding an​ Affordable Air Compressor

Shop around before purchasing air compressor systems. Compare brands and read reviews on the internet. Compare the machines and features of​ each. Similar machines can differ by hundreds of​ dollars.

Consider a​ reconditioned machine. in​ these, the machines have been completely inspected. Worn or​ damaged air compressor parts are replaced. Many of​ these have gotten very little use and are in​ nearly new condition. You can find equipment at​ a​ considerable savings. Look for a​ model with a​ one year warranty to​ be sure you are getting a​ quality product.

Consider shopping online. Often, the prices are considerably less than in​ some stores. Many ship straight from the factory, saving retail mark up. This savings can be significant. in​ many cases, you won’t need to​ pay sales tax on the equipment, which can add up. Many sites offer free shipping on these purchases, so it​ won’t cost any additional money for shipping.

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