Aida And Dagmar Models For An Advertising Agency

Aida And Dagmar Models For An Advertising Agency

Aida and​ Dagmar - Models for​ An Advertising Agency
An ad agency or​ advertising agency is​ a​ business or​ service dedicated to​ planning, handling and​ creating advertising for​ clients .​
These agencies are independent of​ clients and​ provide their skills and​ views to​ sell client’s services or​ products.
Advertising agencies can also manage branding strategies, marketing and​ sales promotions for​ its clients.
For an​ advertising agency, it​ is​ very important to​ realize that they can increase sales with their effort .​
Truly speaking, advertising agencies are minds working on the​ other side of​ the​ internet to​ increase sales .​
For a​ person working as​ an​ advertising agent, it​ is​ very important to​ know about the​ buyer’s psychology.
Those who are working in​ an​ advertising agency should know about the​ various thought processes that go in​ the​ mind of​ a​ reader or​ a​ viewer, a​ potential buyer .​
This will definitely help to​ build your business better.
There are ample of​ theories to​ explain the​ process that goes in​ the​ buyer’s mind when he/she goes to​ purchase anything.
The process is​ not the​ same for​ each buyer and​ it​ is​ sequential.
One of​ the​ popular features followed by ad agencies is​ AIDA.
AIDA is​ a​ acronym stands for:
A – Attention
I – Interest
D – Desire
A – Action
The AIDA model states that advertising agency should know how to​ draw attention of​ a​ buyer to​ get the​ customer interested by exhibiting its advantages, benefits and​ features .​
Interest is​ followed by desire .​
It is​ advertising agency’s duty to​ create a​ desire in​ a​ buyer to​ buy a​ specific product .​
All three steps of​ the​ AIDA policy will help you to​ stimulate the​ action towards the​ purchase of​ a​ product .​
AIDA theory guides and​ leads you to​ build a​ better advertising business .​
BIG B’s of​ advertising world have followed AIDA to​ generate good advertisement campaigns.
Another model called DAGMAR has now increasingly become more popular and​ comprehensive than AIDA .​
DAGMAR steps are more defined and​ easy to​ apply.
Term DAGMAR is​ an​ acronym for​ Defining Advertising Goals for​ Measured Advertising Results .​
According to​ DAGMAR, a​ sale must carry a​ potential customer through four stages:
I .​
II .​
III .​
IV .​
Suppose you are having a​ service or​ product and​ your customer knows nothing about the​ product.
As your client is​ unaware of​ the​ product, the​ first step is​ to​ make him aware of​ your product by posting advertisement regarding your product on respective websites.
Comprehension is​ the​ second step of​ DAGMAR .​
Try to​ know the​ answers to​ these following questions.
a)What is​ your product about?
b)What are product’s potential features and​ benefits of​ product?
c)What will your customer get from your product? and​ how?
Answers to​ all these questions will help you to​ get a​ potential customer.
Next stage is​ conviction and​ this is​ very important .​
Convince your customer by telling him the​ benefits of​ your product .​
After convincing, your next step starts i.e .​
action, which is​ not controlled by you .​
You have to​ depend on the​ customer .​
However, your previous actions will have a​ major role to​ play.
If you have been able to​ convince, the​ customer ad have answered him satisfactorily and​ then you will definitely be the​ winner of​ the​ day.

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