Ahas For Normalizing Combination Skin

Ahas For Normalizing Combination Skin

Ahas For Normalizing Combination Skin
Often the​ biggest frustration for those with combination skin is​ caring for it​ properly. ​
Having both dry and​ oily skin areas on​ your face can make skin care seem almost impossible. ​
There are,​ however,​ things that you can do to​ care for and​ keep your combination skin healthy and​ feeling good.
For one thing,​ some areas of​ your face may feel tight after you wash. ​
This will typically be on​ the​ parts of​ your face not included in​ the​ Tzone area. ​
These areas will likely also look flaky and​ dull and​ may feel rough. ​

First of​ all,​ make sure you are cleansing every day. ​
Use a​ mild cleanser on​ your entire face. ​
Use the​ cleanser twice a​ day,​ preferably before bed at ​ night and​ after get up in​ the​ morning. ​
These are the​ times your face most needs to​ be cleansed anyway,​ but if ​ you have combination skin it​ is​ imperative.
Get a​ good moisturizer. ​
Once you have identified which parts of​ your face are the​ dry parts,​ most likely these areas are not in​ the​ Tzone and​ this is​ the​ area you will treat. ​
Use the​ moisturizer on​ those dry areas only. ​
Using it​ in​ your oily Tzone will only make that area worse.
The goal when you have combination skin is​ to​ normalize it. ​
Normalizing is​ trying to​ gain a​ balance between the​ oily and​ dry areas so that all your skin looks and​ feels the​ same. ​
In order to​ accomplish this feat,​ you want to​ look for products that are made for such normalization. ​
For instance,​ ones that contain alpha hydroxyl acids fruit acids or​ AHA’s or​ retinols will work best. ​
Retinols are a​ vitamin a​ derivative. ​
Such products should help you to​ gain more normal and​ even looking skin.
The reason AHA creams are so beneficial to​ your skin is​ that they area catalyst for skin cell regeneration. ​
By burning off or​ removing the​ top layer of​ skin cells or​ the​ too oily and​ too dry ones they expose the​ healthier skin cells beneath them. ​
These cells are more likely to​ absorb moisturizers. ​
They also help improve skin elasticity through their waterbinding properties. ​
This can help with that tight feeling you may get in​ the​ dry areas with your combination skin. ​
The only thing about which you need to​ be aware is​ that once you are using AHA’s,​ you need to​ continue using them. ​
Once you stop,​ your cells will not regenerate at ​ the​ rate they were with the​ AHA and​ will return to​ their original state very soon.

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