Agility Training Some Basic Steps

Agility Training Some Basic Steps

As an​ athlete,​ you should always be looking for ways to​ (legally) enhance your performance. Runners will work out their legs,​ baseball players will work out their core muscles and upper body,​ but all athletes should work on​ their speed and agility.

Most athletes will need to​ work on​ a​ few basic areas:

Flexibility – No,​ you may not be a​ gynmast,​ but having extended levels of​ flexibility will give you an​ edge over your competition. Keeping your muscles stretched and flexible will allow you to​ make more natural movements,​ without fear of​ injury or​ cramping,​ as​ well as​ commit to​ movements that are a​ bit unconventional or​ strenuous.

No one expects you to​ gain the​ flexibility of​ a​ Ninja overnight,​ but working on​ your physical limits will eventually increase them.

Exercises that emphasize stretching and flexible resistance are key to​ developing flexibility.

Speed – a​ big portion of​ being agile is​ your speed. Being able to​ move quickly and effortlessly is​ important in​ most combat and team sports. Increasing the​ speed of​ all of​ your movements,​ from walking/moving,​ to​ upper body/arm movements,​ gives you an​ increased chance of​ avoiding what needs to​ be avoided and pouncing on​ opportunities as​ they present themselves.

Drill exercises,​ such as​ jumping from one portion of​ the​ ground to​ another or​ running through moguls,​ will increase your coordinated speed.

Reaction – Training yourself to​ shorten your reaction time is​ one of​ the​ best ways to​ increase your agility. Learning to​ react as​ quickly as​ possible will help you avoid income strikes,​ obstacles,​ or​ attacks. a​ quick reaction time will also allow you to​ recover and counter faster.

You can train your reaction time by testing it. Have a​ friend hold a​ stick below your hands. When they drop it,​ try to​ reach down with your hands and grab it​ before it​ hits the​ ground.

Remember that agility is​ more than one element- is​ the​ the machine that is​ made up by the​ individual components,​ and by increasing the​ capabilities of​ one you are increasing the​ performance of​ the​ other.

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