Ageing Skin Care What Is Chemical Peeling

Ageing Skin Care What Is Chemical Peeling

Ageing Skin Care What Is Chemical Peeling?
As the​ name implies Chemical peeling peels the​ skin with chemicals. ​
it​ is​ also called dermapeeling or​ chemexfoliation. ​
By peeling off the​ skin layer,​ it​ allows new skin to​ form,​ which is​ new and​ fresh,​ and​ without some wrinkles. ​
Chemical peeling is​ used to​ remove photo aged skin damages.
How chemical peeling is​ done for skin care in​ chemical peeling,​ chemical solutions are applied on​ the​ skin. ​
The choice and​ strength of​ chemical depends upon the​ results desired. ​
For mild peeling,​ mild chemicals are used and​ so on. ​
Sometimes,​ light peel is​ repeated over time to​ get desired effect. ​
With mild peel,​ superficial wrinkles and​ sun damage is​ removed. ​
For more damaged skin such as​ skin having age spots,​ freckles and​ acetinic keratoses,​ a​ medium peel is​ used. ​

Skin care and​ strength of​ chemicals depending upon the​ skin damage,​ and​ the​ results desired,​ the​ dermatologist decides about the​ kind of​ peeling to​ be performed.
Skin care and​ peeling chemicals common peeling chemicals include alpha hydroxy acids,​ trichloroacetic acid,​ carbolic acid and​ other chemicals. ​

Skin care and​ side effects of​ chemical peeling the​ chemicals peel the​ old skin and​ that is​ like sunburn. ​
What the​ doctor is​ doing is​ to​ remove the​ old skin to​ a​ certain depth. ​
That naturally causes redness and​ scaling of​ the​ skin. ​
as​ new skin forms,​ the​ redness and​ scaling disappear. ​
With medium or​ deep chemical peeling,​ the​ skin may develop blisters and​ swelling along with redness and​ peeling that may last for up to​ two weeks.
Skin care and​ discomfort with chemical peeling some discomfort is​ the​ result as​ the​ skin peels. ​
Your doctor will prescribe some lotions to​ reduce the​ discomfort. ​
Exposure to​ sun must be avoided for some time and​ protection must be taken from sun till the​ new skin forms and​ all the​ side effects disappear. ​
With chemical peeling,​ surface skin damage is​ removed. ​
Please consult your doctor for further details.
This article is​ only for informative purposes. ​
This article is​ not intended to​ be a​ medical advise and​ it​ is​ not a​ substitute for professional medical advice. ​
Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. ​
Please follow any tip given in​ this article only after consulting your doctor. ​
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