Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 87

Closely connected with these ideas is​ the doctrine -- which was universal before the Europeans mutilated it​ -- the doctrine of​ reincarnation. Some of​ you may have heard of​ and ignored it. This idea of​ reincarnation runs parallel with the other doctrine of​ the eternity of​ the human soul. Nothing which ends at​ one point can be without a​ beginning and nothing that begins at​ one point can be without an​ end. We cannot believe in​ such a​ monstrous impossibility as​ the beginning of​ the human soul. The doctrine of​ reincarnation asserts the freedom of​ the soul. Suppose there was an​ absolute beginning.

Then the whole burden of​ this impurity in​ man falls upon God. The all- merciful Father responsible for the sins of​ the world! if​ sin comes in​ this way, why should one suffer more than another? Why such partiality, if​ it​ comes from an​ all-merciful God? Why are millions trampled underfoot? Why do people starve who never did anything to​ cause it? Who is​ responsible? if​ they had no hand in​ it, surely, God would be responsible. Therefore the better explanation is​ that one is​ responsible for the miseries one suffers. if​ I set the wheel in​ motion, I am responsible for the result. And if​ I can bring misery,I can also stop it. it​ necessarily follows that we are free. There is​ no such thing as​ fate. There is​ nothing to​ compel us. What we have done, that we can undo.

To one argument in​ connection with this doctrine I will ask your patient attention, as​ it​ is​ a​ little intricate. We gain all our knowledge through experience; that is​ the only way.What we call experiences are on the plane of​ consciousness. For illustration: a​ man plays a​ tune on a​ piano, he places each finger on each key consciously. He repeats this process till the movement of​ the fingers becomes a​ habit. He then plays a​ tune without having to​ pay special attention to​ each particular key.

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