Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 62

Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 62

The next question for consideration is​ what we mean by law being universal. Our universe is​ that portion of​ existence which is​ characterised by what the Sanskrit psychologists call Desha- kala- nimitta, or​ what is​ known to​ European psychology as​ space, time, and causation. This universe is​ only a​ part of​ infinite existence, thrown into a​ peculiar mould, composed of​ space, time, and causation. it​ necessarily follows that law is​ possible only within this conditioned universe; beyond it​ there cannot be any law. When we speak of​ the universe, we only mean that portion of​ existence which is​ limited by our mind -- the universe of​ the senses, which we can see,feel, touch,hear,think of, imagine. This alone is​ under law; but beyond it​ existence cannot be subject to​ law, because causation does not extend beyond the world of​ our minds.

Anything beyond the range of​ our mind and our senses is​ not bound by the law of​ causation,as there is​ no mental association of​ things in​ the region beyond the senses, and no causation without association of​ ideas. it​ is​ only when "being" or​ existence gets moulded into name and form that it​ obeys the law of​ causation, and is​ said to​ be under law; because all law has its essence in​ causation. Therefore we see at​ once that there cannot be any such thing as​ free will; the very words are a​ contradiction, because will is​ what we know and everything that we know is​ within our universe, and everything within our universe is​ mouled by the conditions of​ space, time, and causation.

Everything that we know, or​ can possibly know, must be subject to​ causation, and that which obeys the law of​ causation cannot be free. it​ is​ acted upon by other agents, and becomes a​ cause in​ its turn. But that which has become converted into the will, which was not the will before, but which, when it​ fell into this mould of​ space, time, and causation, became converted into the human will, is​ free; and when this will gets out of​ this mould of​ space,time, and causation, it​ will be free again. From freedom it​ comes, and becomes moulded into this bondage, and it​ gets out and goes back to​ freedom again.

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