Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 48

Just as​ every action that emanates from us comes back to​ us as​ reaction,even so our actions may act on other people and theirs on us. Perhaps all of​ you have observed it​ as​ a​ fact that when persons do evil actions, they become more and more evil, and when they begin to​ do good, they become stronger and stronger and learn to​ do good at​ all times.

This intensification of​ the influence of​ action cannot be explained on any other ground than that we can act and react upon each other. to​ take an​ illustration from physical science, when I am doing a​ certain action, my mind may be said to​ be in​ a​ certain state of​ vibration; all minds which are in​ similar circumstances will have the tendency to​ be affected by my mind. if​ there are different musical instruments tuned alike in​ one room, all of​ you may have noticed that when one is​ struck, the others have the tendency to​ vibrate so as​ to​ give the same note. So all minds that have the same tension, so to​ say, will be equally affected by the same thought.

Of course,this influence of​ thought on mind will vary according to​ distance and other causes, but the mind is​ always open to​ affection. Suppose I am doing an​ evil act, my mind is​ in​ a​ certain state of​ vibration, and all minds in​ the universe,which are in​ a​ similar state, have the possibility of​ being affected by the vibration of​ my mind. So, when I am doing a​ good action, my mind is​ in​ another state of​ vibration; and all minds similarly strung have the possibility of​ being affected by my mind; and this power of​ mind upon mind is​ more or​ less according as​ the force of​ the tension is​ greater or​ less.

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