Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 80

Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 80

Absolute equality, that which means a​ perfect balance of​ all the struggling forces in​ all the planes, can never be in​ this world. Before you attain that state, the world will have become quite unfit for any kind of​ life, and no one will be there. We find, therefore, that all these ideas of​ the millennium and of​ absolute equality are not only impossible but also that, if​ we try to​ carry them out, they will lead us surely enough to​ the day of​ destruction. What makes the difference between man and man? it​ is​ largely the difference in​ the brain. Nowadays no one but a​ lunatic will say that we are all born with the same brain power. We come into the world with unequal endowments; we come as​ greater men or​ as​ lesser men, and there is​ no getting away from that prenatally determined condition.

The American Indians were in​ this country for thousands of​ years, and a​ few handfuls of​ your ancestors came to​ their land. What difference they have caused in​ the appearance of​ the country! Why did not the Indians make improvements and build cities, if​ all were equal? With your ancestors a​ different sort of​ brain power came into the land,different bundles of​ past impressions came,and they worked out and manifested themselves. Absolute non - differentiation is​ death. So long as​ this world lasts,differentiation there will and must be,and the millennium of​ perfect equality will come only when a​ cycle of​ creation comes to​ its end. Before that, equality cannot be.

Yet this idea of​ realizing the millennium is​ a​ great motive power. Just as​ inequality is​ necessary for creation itself, so the struggle to​ limit it​ is​ also necessary.If there were no struggle to​ become free and get back to​ God,there would be no creation either. it​ is​ the difference between these two forces that determines the nature of​ the motives of​ men. There will always be these motives to​ work, some tending towards bondage and others towards freedom.

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