Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 54

However much their systems of​ philosophy and religion may differ, all mankind stand in​ reverence and awe before the man who is​ ready to​ sacrifice himself for others. Here,it is​ not at​ all any question of​ creed,or doctrine - even men who are very much opposed to​ all religious ideas, when they see one of​ these acts of​ complete self - sacrifice,feel that they must revere it.

Have you not seen even a​ most bigoted Christian, when he reads Edwin Arnold's Light of​ Asia, stand in​ reverence of​ Buddha, who preached no God, preached nothing but self-sacrifice? The only thing is​ that the bigot does not know that his own end and aim in​ life is​ exactly the same as​ that of​ those from whom he differs. The worshipper, by keeping constantly before him the idea of​ God and a​ surrounding of​ good, comes to​ the same point at​ last and says, "Thy will be done," and keeps nothing to​ himself. That is​ self - abnegation. The philosopher, with his knowledge, sees that the seeming self is​ a​ delusion and easily gives it​ up.

It is​ self - abnegation. So Karma, Bhakti, and Jnana all meet here; and this is​ what was meant by all the great preachers of​ ancient times, when they taught that God is​ not the world. There is​ one thing which is​ the world and another which is​ God; and this distinction is​ very true. What they mean by world is​ selfishness. Unselfishness is​ God. One may live on a​ throne, in​ a​ golden palace, and be perfectly unselfish; and then he is​ in​ God. Another may live in​ a​ hut and wear rags, and have nothing in​ the world; yet, if​ he is​ selfish, he is​ intensely merged in​ the world.

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