Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 61

Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 61

In addition to​ meaning work,we have stated that psychologically the word Karma also implies causation. Any work, any action, any thought that produces an​ effect is​ called a​ Karma. Thus the law of​ Karma means the law of​ causation,of inevitable cause and sequence. Wheresoever there is​ a​ cause, there an​ effect must be produced; this necessity cannot be resisted,and this law of​ Karma, according to​ our philosophy,is true throughout the whole universe. Whatever we see,or feel, or​ do, whatever action there is​ anywhere in​ the universe,while being the effect of​ past work on the one hand, becomes,on the other, a​ cause in​ its turn,and produces its own effect. it​ is​ necessary, together with this, to​ consider what is​ meant by the word "law". By law is​ meant the tendency of​ a​ series to​ repeat itself.When we see one event followed by another, or​ sometimes happening simultaneously with another, we expect this sequence or​ co - existence to​ recur.Our old logicians and philosophers of​ the Nyaya school call this law by the name of​ Vyapti.

According to​ them, all our ideas of​ law are due to​ association. a​ series of​ phenomena becomes associated with things in​ our mind in​ a​ sort of​ invariable order,so that whatever we perceive at​ any time is​ immediately referred to​ other facts in​ the mind. Any one idea or, according to​ our psychology, any one wave that is​ produced in​ the mind - stuff, Chitta, must always give rise to​ many similar waves. This is​ the psychological idea of​ association, and causation is​ only as​ aspect of​ this grand pervasive principle of​ association. This pervasiveness of​ association is​ what is, in​ Sanskrit, called Vyapti. in​ the external world the idea of​ law is​ the same as​ in​ the internal --the expectation that a​ particular phenomenon will be followed by another, and that the series will repeat itself. Really speaking, therefore, law does not exist in​ nature.

Practically it​ is​ an​ error to​ say that gravitation exists in​ the earth, or​ that there is​ any law existing objectively anywhere in​ nature. Law is​ the method, the manner in​ which our mind grasps a​ series of​ phenomena; it​ is​ all in​ the mind. Certain phenomena, happening one after another or​ together, and followed by the conviction of​ the regularity of​ their recurrence -- thus enabling our minds to​ grasp the method of​ the whole series -- constitute what we call law.

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