Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 59

Thus the man that has practised control over himself cannot be acted upon by anything outside; there is​ no more slavery for him. His mind has become free. Such a​ man alone is​ fit to​ live well in​ the world. We generally find men holding two opinions regarding the world. Some are pessimists and say, "How horrible this world is, how wicked!" Some others are optimists and say, "How beautiful this world is, how wonderful!" to​ those who have not controlled their own minds, the world is​ either full of​ evil or​ at​ best a​ mixture of​ good and evil. This very world will become to​ us an​ optimistic world when we become masters of​ our own minds. Nothing will then work upon us as​ good or​ evil; we shall find everything to​ be in​ its proper place, to​ be harmonious.

Some men, who begin by saying that the world is​ a​ hell, often end by saying that it​ is​ a​ heaven when they succeed in​ the practice of​ self - control. if​ we are genuine Karma-Yogis and wish to​ train ourselves to​ that attainment of​ this state, wherever we may begin we are sure to​ end in​ perfect self - abnegation; and as​ soon as​ this seeming self has gone, the whole world, which at​ first appears to​ us to​ be filled with evil, will appear to​ be heaven itself and full of​ blessedness. Its very atmosphere will be blessed; every human face there will be god. Such is​ the end and aim of​ Karma - yoga, and such is​ its perfection in​ practical life.

Our various Yogas do not conflict with each other; each of​ them leads us to​ the same goal and makes us perfect. Only each has to​ be strenuously practised. The whole secret is​ in​ practising. First you have to​ hear, then think, and then practise. This is​ true of​ every Yoga.

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