Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 74

Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 74

The grandest idea in​ the religion of​ the Vedanta is​ that we may reach the same goal by different paths; and these paths I have generalized into four, viz. those of​ work, love,psychology, and knowledge. But you must, at​ the same time, remember that these divisions are not very marked and quite exclusive of​ each other. Each blends into the other. But according to​ the type which prevails, we name the divisions. it​ is​ not that you can find men who have no other faculty than that of​ work, nor that you can find men who are no more than devoted worshipers only, nor that there are men who have no more than mere knowledge. These divisions are made in​ accordance with the type or​ the tendency that may be seen to​ prevail in​ a​ man. We have found that,in the end,all these four paths converge and become one. All religions and all methods of​ work and worship lead us to​ one and the same goal.

I have already tried to​ point out that goal. it​ is​ freedom as​ I understand it. Everything that we perceive around us is​ struggling towards freedom, from the atom to​ the man, from the insentient,lifeless particle of​ matter to​ the highest existence on earth, the human soul. The whole universe is​ in​ fact the result of​ this struggle for freedom. in​ all combinations every particle is​ trying to​ go on its own way, to​ fly from the other particles; but the others are holding it​ in​ check. Our earth is​ trying to​ fly away from the sun, and the moon from the earth.

Everything has a​ tendency to​ infinite dispersion. All that we see in​ the universe has for its basis this one struggle towards freedom; it​ is​ under the impulse of​ this tendency that the saint prays and the robber robs. When the line of​ action taken is​ not a​ proper one,we call it​ evil; and when the manifestation of​ it​ is​ proper and high, we call it​ good. But the impulse is​ the same, the struggle towards freedom. The saint is​ oppressed with the knowledge of​ his condition of​ bondage, and he wants to​ get rid of​ it; so he worships God.

The thief is​ oppressed with the idea that he does not possess certain things, and he tries to​ get rid of​ that want, to​ obtain freedom from it; so he steals. Freedom is​ the one goal of​ all nature,sentient or​ insentient;and consciously or​ unconsciously, everything is​ struggling towards that goal. The freedom which the saint seeks is​ very different from that which the robber seeks; the freedom loved by the saint leads him to​ the enjoyment of​ infinite,unspeakable bliss,while that on which the robber has set his heart only forges other bonds for his soul.

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Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 74

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