Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 42

Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 42

Then there is​ the most universal of​ all symbols, the Swastika (pictured). at​ one time it​ was thought that the Buddhists carried it​ all over the world with them, but it​ has been found out that ages before Buddhism it​ was used among nations. in​ Old Babylon and in​ Egypt it​ was to​ be found. What does this show? All these symbols could not have been purely conventional.There must be some reason for them; some natural association between them and the human mind. Language is​ not the result of​ convention; it​ is​ not that people ever agreed to​ represent certain ideas by certain words; there never was an​ idea without a​ corresponding word or​ a​ word without a​ corresponding idea; ideas and words are in​ their nature inseparable. The symbols to​ represent ideas may be sound symbols or​ colour symbols. Deaf and dumb people have to​ think with other than sound symbols. Every thought in​ the mind has a​ form as​ its counterpart. This is​ called in​ Sanskrit philosophy Nama - rupa -- name and form.

It is​ as​ impossible to​ create by convention a​ system of​ symbols as​ it​ is​ to​ create a​ language. in​ the world's ritualistic symbols we have an​ expression of​ the religious thought of​ humanity. it​ is​ easy to​ say that there is​ no use of​ rituals and temples and all such paraphernalia; every baby says that in​ modern times. But it​ must be easy for all to​ see that those who worship inside a​ temple are in​ many respects different from those who will not worship there. Therefore the association of​ particular temples, rituals, and other concrete forms with particular religions has a​ tendency to​ bring into the minds of​ the followers of​ those religions the thoughts for which those concrete things stand as​ symbols; and it​ is​ not wise to​ ignore rituals and symbology altogether. The study and practice of​ these things form naturally a​ part of​ Karma-Yoga.

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