Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 67

Age New Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 67

What does it​ say? "Work incessantly, but give up all attachment to​ work." Do not identify yourself with anything. Hold your mind free. All this that you see, the pains and the miseries, are but the necessary conditions of​ this world; poverty and wealth and happiness are but momentary; they do not belong to​ our real nature at​ all. Our nature is​ far beyond misery and happiness, beyond every object of​ the senses, beyond the imagination;and yet we must go on working all the time. "Misery comes through attachment, not through work."

As soon as​ we identify ourselves with the work we do, we feel miserable; but if​ we do not identify ourselves with it, we do not feel that misery. if​ a​ beautiful picture belonging to​ another is​ burnt, a​ man does not generally become miserable; but when his own picture is​ burnt, how miserable he feels! Why? Both were beautiful pictures, perhaps copies of​ the same original; but in​ one case very much more misery is​ felt than in​ the other. it​ is​ because in​ one case he identifies himself with the picture, and not in​ the other. This "I and mine" causes the whole misery. With the sense of​ possession comes selfishness, and selfishness brings on misery. Every act of​ selfishness or​ thought of​ selfishness makes us attached to​ something, and immediately we are made slaves.

Each wave in​ the Chitta that says "I and mine" immediately puts a​ chain round us and makes us slaves; and the more we say "I and mine", the more slavery grows, the more misery increases. Therefore Karma-Yoga tells us to​ enjoy the beauty of​ all the pictures in​ the world, but not to​ identify ourselves with any of​ them. Never say "mine". Whenever we say a​ thing is​ "mine", misery will immediately come. Do not even say "my child" in​ your mind. Possess the child, but do not say "mine". if​ you do, then will come the misery.Do not say "my house," do not say "my body". The whole difficulty is​ there.The body is​ neither yours, nor mine, nor anybody's. These bodies are coming and going by the laws of​ nature, but we are free,standing as​ witness. This body is​ no more free than a​ picture or​ a​ wall. Why should we be attached so much to​ a​ body? if​ somebody paints a​ picture, he does it​ and passes on. Do not project that tentacle of​ selfishness, "I must possess it". as​ soon as​ that is​ projected, misery will begin.

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