After School Program Recreational Vs Educational 462

After School Program Recreational Vs Educational 462

After school program - recreational vs .​
So, your child is​ beginning to​ get restless and make you restless .​
He has got more time than is​ good for him, and you are now considering after school programs - anything that will keep him busy for a​ few life-saving hours! Most after school activities can be broadly classified into three - recreational, educational and society-oriented .​
The last bit usually comes in​ when your child is​ already a​ bit grown up and can voice his own interests.
Educational activities aim at​ furthering the knowledge of​ your child .​
His general awareness, his understanding and his memory are targeted and he is​ given various techniques that will help him improve one or​ all of​ these .​
Programs such as​ intensive memory training and speed mathematics are educational after school activities .​
There are academic programs that will go over your child's homework and class work and help the child gain more in-depth knowledge in​ the various subjects .​
Thus academic programs have a​ definite edge over the fun and games, especially if​ parents feel that their child has a​ lot of​ catching up to​ do.
Recreational activities include sports and games, fine arts, painting etc .​
The main thrust here is​ to​ have fun .​
Of course, classes become more competitive as​ the child climbs up the ladder .​
Many sport events, competitions, stage performances etc are held to​ encourage the child .​
When we compare the merits of​ the two kinds of​ activities, I​ believe that the recreational programs have more meat .​
Firstly, children do not enjoy learning unless they themselves feel curious about something .​
Most academic programs are standardized courses that are not too flexible .​
They have a​ general purpose and a​ well laid out methodology .​
After a​ number of​ hours at​ school, the child may feel bored .​
Further study may overwhelm him and make him feel frustrated .​
Burnout is​ very much a​ possibility here.
Recreational programs provide a​ welcome break from the monotony of​ learning and studies .​
The mental challenge and the physical exertion make the child feel a​ renewed zest and a​ pleasant sense of​ fulfillment .​
Group activity teaches him social skills, discipline and patience .​
It is​ a​ proven fact that children involved in​ extra curricular activities get better grades than others .​
Sometimes closing the textbooks and playing a​ game may be the best way to​ handle your studies.
Whatever program you choose for your child, regular evaluation is​ the key to​ success .​
You will have to​ measure the child's progress .​
If progress is​ unsatisfactory, shift your child out of​ the program .​
The child should also have the freedom to​ reject an​ activity if​ and when he feels bored with it .​
Generally, programs that combine the educational with the recreational are best suited especially for younger children .​
This way, children can have fun while they learn .​

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