After The Game A Guide To Manchesters Best Hotels

After The Game A Guide To Manchesters Best Hotels

Manchester is​ a​ bustling city known for its lively sporting culture. it​ is​ for this same reason why the city is​ a​ common spot for travel. Thousands of​ people, locals and foreigners alike fill the city each year all for the sake of​ experiencing the thrills of​ football matches and other sporting events.

The City of​ Manchester Stadium or​ Sportscity, as​ it​ is​ famously known is​ one of​ the biggest sporting venues where several sporting events including football, are held each year. The stadium was then adopted as​ the home of​ the city’s football club.

Another sporting venue is​ the Manchester Velodrome. it​ is​ an​ internationally known sporting facility where most track cycling events take place each year. The center was developed through the joint efforts of​ the English Sports Council of​ Manchester City and the British Cycling Federation.

Other sporting facilities or​ venues like the regional athletics track are also located in​ this area. The residents here are blessed to​ be conveniently living in​ an​ excitement filled area. Being one would guarantee you to​ a​ comfortable seat on match days. For most sports enthusiasts who don’t live in​ this city however, staying in​ nearby hotels is​ a​ common convenient choice.

Manchester boasts of​ quality and affordable hotels. These hotels are perfectly situated near the above mentioned sporting venues, making them an​ ideal place for people to​ stay in​ during the events.

The Travelodge Sportscity is​ one of​ these hotels. it​ is​ only 1.5 miles from Sportscity. You don’t have to​ worry about being late for any scheduled game or​ football matches of​ your favorite team.

Express by Holiday Inn is​ a​ modern hotel located about 3 miles from the city of​ Manchester and a​ mile off the M60 and M67. Express offers facilities and services that are relatively affordable and satisfying. a​ newly opened fitness club is​ located next to​ it.

Holiday Inn Manchester Central Park is​ a​ 4 star hotel. it​ is​ located near the City of​ Manchester Stadium. it​ offers a​ wide range of​ hotel facilities including 83 well appointed rooms, all of​ them spacious and air-conditioned.

Lastly, is​ the Citi Place. a​ cozy hotel located just minutes away from Sportscity. it​ offers rooms that have a​ free wireless internet access, digital televisions and shared bathrooms.

There is​ no reason for you to​ miss any sporting events in​ the city of​ Manchester with all these hotels around. Take your pick now and enjoy all the fun and games this city has to​ offer.

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