Affordable Life Coach Training

Affordable Life Coach Training
Anybody with the​ passion,​ the​ willingness and the​ heart to​ help people can become a​ life coach .​
The problem though is​ that they are not enough to​ make you a​ qualified more so an​ effective life coach .​
You need training and mentoring .​
But life coach training can cost with range of​ $3000 to​ $6000.
What if​ you do not have that much money? Does this mean your dream of​ becoming a​ life coach is​ over? Well,​ not quite .​
There are ways of​ having an​ affordable life coach training.
Just like in​ schooling,​ you can also avail of​ a​ scholarship to​ help you pursue your dreams of​ becoming a​ life coach .​
There are different companies out their who are willing to​ help you as​ long as​ you are qualified and have the​ eagerness to​ be one.
One approach is​ if​ you are currently working as​ an​ employee of​ a​ certain company .​
You can inquire whether you have scholarships or​ programs that would provide you with what you need .​
Most companies nowadays provide such privileges to​ their employees since the​ whole company can benefit from life coaching.
If a​ scholarship program or​ training is​ not existent in​ your company,​ you could bring it​ up with your boss or​ bosses and suggest the​ need for one .​
Most often than not,​ these programs will be 100% free of​ charge.
Another approach to​ this is​ applying for a​ scholarship to​ any of​ the​ top coaching academies .​
One of​ these institutions is​ the​ International Coach Academy.
International Coach Academy is​ one of​ the​ world leaders when it​ comes coach training .​
They provide quality,​ affordable and accessible training .​
The Professional Coach Training Program they have is​ certified by the​ International Coach Federation .​
Best of​ all they provide scholarships to​ people who deserve it .​
Their scholarship program gives scholars a​ 50% off from the​ training fees.
Looking For a​ Mentor
Another way of​ having an​ affordable life coach training is​ by having a​ mentor .​
If you are determined enough,​ you can look for somebody,​ a​ life coach,​ who is​ willing to​ take you as​ an​ apprentice .​
This may not be formal training but it​ does not mean that it​ will be less effective .​
Always remember that experience is​ better than any teacher or​ trainer and your life coach mentor has this.
Of course it​ is​ not that easy to​ find someone who,​ in​ just a​ snap of​ your fingers,​ would jump in​ and become your mentor .​
You need to​ gain their trust as​ well as​ you need to​ show that you really are determined to​ become one .​
a​ real life mentor,​ once has seen that you have the​ passion and determination,​ will help you in​ any way he or​ she can.
If none of​ the​ above works for you and you still would not want to​ give up,​ then this is​ your last resort – self training .​
Self training would require you to​ have different source of​ information one of​ which are the​ books .​
There are a​ lot of​ books that pertain to​ life coaching but you need not to​ buy one .​
These books are readily available in​ your local libraries.
Another source of​ information is​ the​ Internet .​
The information superhighway has a​ plethora of​ information regarding life coaching .​
You just need to​ be cautious though of​ which information you would use or​ not depending on​ where you got them .​
Choose sources on​ the​ Internet that are credible.

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