Affordable Homes Real Estate In Nations 10 Most Cheap Livable Metro Areas

Affordable Homes Real Estate In Nations 10 Most Cheap Livable Metro

Affordable Homes Real Estate in Nations 10 Most Cheap & Livable Metro Areas
The 10 most livable and​ ​ most affordable real estate metro areas in the​ United States have a​ number of​ other favorable characteristics in common, according to a​ new HouseHunt Current Real Estate Market Conditions survey conducted by HouseHunt, Inc., a​ consumeroriented Internet firm that provides free information to thousands of​ homeowners, home buyers and​ ​ home sellers across the​ nation. ​
The survey shows median home prices range from $130,100 to $194,400 for​ existing homes for​ sale and​ ​ also found
• the​ majority of​ the​ 10 metro areas report balanced, goodtoactive housing markets with sellers usually getting 95% or​ more of​ their asking prices. ​
Inventories of​ unsold homes are mostly limited. ​

• the​ majority of​ the​ 10 metro areas are experiencing strong job and​ ​ population growth and​ ​ good economic news. ​
They offer quality lifestyles, good schools and​ ​ solid family recreation along with other amenities. ​
Sales data shows that many recent home buyers are relocating from other, often more costly areas. ​

• All 10 metro markets are attracting both firsttime and​ ​ moveup buyers because of​ affordable prices, low mortgage interest rates and​ ​ multiple financing options. ​

• Median real estate prices for​ existing singlefamily homes in the​ 10 metro areas range between $130,100 and​ ​ $194,400, compared to the​ national median real estate price of​ $188,800. ​
Four of​ the​ 10 areas reported doubledigit price appreciation in the​ past 12 months. ​

• All 10 metro areas have major universities located there. ​

• Five of​ the​ 10 metro areas are popular tourism destinations. ​
Nine of​ the​ 10 metro areas are located in warm to moderate climates. ​

The 10 most livable and​ ​ most affordable metro areas as​ determined by criteria developed by Places Rated Almanac David Savageau and​ ​ the​ latest quarterly median sales prices compiled by the​ National Association of​ Realtors are
1. ​
Salt Lake CityOgden, UT $157,000
2. ​
TampaSt. ​
PetersburgClearwater, FL $172,800
3. ​
RaleighDurhamChapel Hill, NC $175,600
4. ​
Houston, TX $138,100
5. ​
Phoenix, AZ $193,800
6. ​
Cincinnati OH, $139,600
7. ​
Louisville, KY $130,100
8. ​
AustinSan Marcos, TX $154,100
9. ​
Orlando, FL $194,400
10.Nashville,TN $152,100. ​

Four of​ the​ 10 metro areas TampaSt. ​
PetersburgClearwater, RaleighDurhamChapel Hill, Nashville and​ ​ AustinSan Marcos are also listed in the​ latest edition of​ Lee and​ ​ Saralee Rosenberg’s 50 Fabulous Places To Raise Your Family Melissa Giovagnoli. ​
Like Savageau, the​ authors give high marks for​ schools, jobs and​ ​ business opportunities, family fun, housing affordability, living costs, climate, health care, transportation and​ ​ quality of​ life. ​

With all the​ negative news about spiking home prices and​ ​ the​ widening affordability gap, it’s refreshing to find highly desirable metro areas where most buyers can find affordable homes, said Michael Bearden, president and​ ​ CEO of​ HouseHunt, Inc. ​
Our quarterly ‘Current Market Conditions reports are accessible on many of​ our agent websites across the​ country. ​
For recent home sales in their neighborhoods, homeowners and​ ​ home sellers can also find this information easily and​ ​ immediately on HouseHunt’s new website. ​

Mark Jenkins of​ Realty Executives, exclusive HouseHunt member agent for​ Salt Lake City, described housing activity in his metro area as​ improving from a​ depressed buyers market. ​
He said many buyers are relocating from outofstate to take advantage of​ the​ lifestyle and​ ​ lower home prices. ​
a​ median price of​ $157,000 would probably buy a​ 2,000 square foot home with three bedrooms, two baths and​ ​ a​ twocar garage on a​ onethird or​ onefour acre lot in a​ good location. ​
Highest home price appreciation is​ occurring near the​ University of​ Utah. ​
Another hot spot is​ Park City, a​ popular ski resort in the​ nearby mountains where Lee Merryweather of​ World Class Realty is​ the​ exclusive HouseHunt member agent. ​

An active housing market is​ reported in the​ TampaSt. ​
PetersburgClearwater metro area by Linda Ippolito of​ Keller Williams Realty, exclusive HouseHunt member agent for​ Bayshore, WestshoreSouth Tampa, and​ ​ Davis IslandSouth Tampa. ​
She said the​ whole area is​ exploding with growth and​ ​ new industries. ​
Available housing is​ in limited supply. ​
Although the​ median price home is​ $172,800 for​ the​ entire metro area, median home prices are closer to $400,000 in South Tampa. ​
Waterfront properties are also priced higher. ​
Average price appreciation is​ 15.7% in the​ past year. ​
a​ slowerpaced but high quality lifestyle is​ reported in the​ Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill metro area by Ray Lenahan of​ Robert Gray Realtors, exclusive HouseHunt member agent with Robert Gray for​ Wake Forest, Rolesville and​ ​ Youngsville. ​

The big attraction is​ our Research Triangle, three major universities, excellent quality of​ life, and​ ​ moderate weather, Lenahan said He said the​ median home price of​ $175,600 in the​ metro area is​ probably closer to $190,000 in his market area. ​
That will buy a​ new home with 2,000 square feet with three bedrooms, two baths on a​ halfacre lot. ​
Either that, or, it​ would buy an older home in a​ more established neighborhood, he added. ​

Houston, with its can do entrepreneurial spirit and​ ​ liberaltozero zoning restrictions, is​ attracting people from both the​ East and​ ​ West Coasts to relocate and​ ​ to invest in rental properties, according to Kathi Frank of​ RE/MAX the​ Woodlands, exclusive HouseHunt member agent for​ the​ Woodlands and​ ​ Woodland Springs. ​
The Woodlands is​ a​ 27,000acre planned community located 27 miles north of​ downtown Houston. ​
Median price home for​ the​ entire metro area is​ $138,100, she said. ​
That will buy a​ new, 1,400 square foot home from a​ production builder in North Houston or​ Woodland Springs. ​
She added Estate properties are priced from the​ low $200,000s to more than $3 million. ​

Reva Schafer of​ West USA Realty, exclusive HouseHunt member agent for​ Scottsdale and​ ​ Northeast Phoenix, reported a​ limited inventory and​ ​ a​ very active seller’s market, with sellers usually getting 100% or​ more of​ their asking prices. ​
The median price for​ the​ metro area is​ $193,800 but hard to find anything under $300,000 in my area, Schafer said. ​
It’s more like $350,000 to $400,000 as​ a​ median price in Scottsdale.. ​
Lots are jumping in price. ​
So are houses. ​
Yeartoyear appreciation is​ 24.4%! She cited tremendous growth in the​ suburbs of​ Peoria and​ ​ Chandler. ​
a​ year ago, investors were buying from builders and​ ​ flipping reselling the​ properties. ​
No more. ​
Now, a​ buyer must live in the​ property for​ at ​ least one year to qualify. ​

Good job growth, corporate relocations and​ ​ an improving local economy is​ fueling the​ housing market in the​ Cincinnati metro market, according to Saralou Durham of​ RE/MAX Preferred Group and​ ​ exclusive HouseHunt member agent for​ suburban Montgomery and​ ​ Hyde Park in Hamilton County, OH. ​
We have fabulous cultural and​ ​ recreational facilities and​ ​ a​ good quality lifestyle, she said..A median home price of​ $139,600 seems a​ bit low, depending on the​ area. ​
That amount of​ money will probably buy a​ small two bedroom, one bath home needing some repair or​ remodeling in one of​ our small suburban communities. ​

In Louisville, Charlotte Wright and​ ​ Michael McConnell of​ Evergreen Realty are exclusive HouseHunt member agents for​ suburban Jeffersontown. ​
Louisville is​ now the​ 16th largest metro area in the​ nation, Wright said. ​
We’re a​ hub for​ UPS and​ ​ have two Ford plants located here. ​
Military personnel stationed as​ nearby Ft. ​
Knox and​ ​ their families are also relocating here, she said. ​
The median price of​ $130,100 is​ probably low $150,000 would be more accurate. ​
The latter will buy a​ three bedroom, two bath 1,200 square foot house with a​ garage in a​ good area. ​

Ann Parr of​ RE/MAX Austin Advantage and​ ​ exclusive HouseHunt member agent for​ Westlake & Lake Travis said wellpriced listings are attracting multiple, fullprice offers in a​ very active seller’s market. ​
Average time on the​ market is​ 6090 days. ​
We have younger professionals who want to live close to downtown but the​ primary place to live is​ by the​ lakes, she said. ​
Prices range from $150,000 to $6 million. ​
Nice homes can be purchased for​ $250,000 to $350,000. ​
The median price home is​ $154,100 in Austin. ​
That would probably buy a​ starter home in the​ Round Rock area or​ a​ home needing remodeling in Central Austin. ​
Patio homes for​ retired people near Lake Austin sell for​ $200,000. ​

One of​ the​ hottest of​ the​ 10 metro markets on the​ list is​ Orlando, according to Steve Farah of​ the​ Royal Realty Group. ​
Farah is​ exclusive HouseHunt member agent for​ Alafaya & Waterford Lakes and​ ​ Kissimmee We’re experiencing unbelievable growth and​ ​ home appreciation, he said. ​
Our seller’s market is​ so active that listings sometimes last only hours, not days. ​
Buyers frequently must act immediately or​ the​ property will be gone! He feels that the​ median price of​ $194,400 is​ probably low because of​ high demand and​ ​ the​ low inventory. ​
a​ median price of​ $250,000 would be more realistic and​ ​ would buy a​ three bedroom, two bath home with 1,700 to 2,000 square feet. ​
Since the​ first quarter of​ 2004, the​ median price home has appreciated 28.7%. ​

Nashville, the​ 10th ranked metro area on the​ list, offers a​ relaxed, friendly lifestyle and​ ​ affordable home prices to newcomers, according to Mary Barbee of​ Coldwell Banker Andrews and​ ​ Associates. ​
Plus, there is​ no state income tax. ​
Barbee is​ the​ exclusive HouseHunt member agent for​ South East Nashville. ​
The median price of​ $152,100 seems low it’s more like $170,000, depending on location. ​
That amount of​ money would probably buy a​ threebedroom, twobath new home with 1,2001,500 square feet in the​ suburban communities of​ Madison and​ ​ Smyrna, she said. ​
The median home price is​ up 11.3% in the​ past year in the​ Nashville metro area.

Affordable Homes Real Estate In Nations 10 Most Cheap Livable Metro

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