Affordable Car Insurance What To Do To Keep The Rates Down

Affordable Car Insurance What To Do To Keep The Rates Down

Affordable Car Insurance – What to​ Do to​ Keep the​ Rates Down
Automobile insurance is​ one of​ those things in​ the​ budget that is​ always going to​ be there .​
There are very few places in​ America that permit you​ to​ drive vehicles without insurance and so it​ behooves each and every one of​ us to​ get a​ better handle on​ our own auto insurance coverage .​
The industry is​ changing a​ bit because the​ competition is​ strong .​
There are new and creative auto policies on​ the​ market today .​
The trend that has gained the​ most momentum is​ the​ self-insuring concept .​
Higher deductibles is​ the​ weapon that the​ customer can use to​ lower rates significantly .​
Higher deductibles means that the​ policyholder has decided to​ take on​ more of​ the​ risk for the​ automobiles insured .​
The day of​ low collision deductibles is​ all but gone .​
Lower deductibles no longer warrant the​ high premiums .​
There is​ too much money to​ be saved with higher deductibles.
Lowering the​ Rates for Young Drivers
Young drivers on​ newer vehicles that have a​ lien holder’s interest will raise the​ auto rate significantly .​
The collision and comprehensive rates for drivers under 21 years of​ age are very high .​
a​ young driver on​ an​ older vehicle without the​ collision and comprehensive coverage will lower the​ rate significantly .​
There are discounts for young drivers who have completed a​ qualified drivers training course .​
Some companies have good student discounts on​ students with a​ grade point average of​ 3.0 or​ better .​
When the​ young driver reaches 21 the​ rates begin to​ drop for most companies.
Senior Citizen Discounts – Most companies have discounts for people age 55 and older who are retired or​ work less than 20 hours a​ week .​
There are mature driving courses that can also give the​ senior citizen a​ discount.
Multi-Policy Discount – This discount is​ available when you​ insure both your auto and home with the​ same insurance company.
Tort Options – Some companies offer discounts for a​ limited tort option .​
Tort is​ your ability to​ sue for pain and suffering .​
Limited tort rates in​ some states reduce the​ overall premium of​ the​ policy up to​ 30% .​
Ask your insurance company about the​ tort options in​ your state.

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