Affordable Advertising On Craigslist

Affordable Advertising On Craigslist

Affordable Advertising on Craigslist
The advertising on Craigslist is​ certainly affordable .​
In fact there is​ no fee for​ the​ majority of​ posts made on Craigslist .​
Craigslist began as​ a​ non-profit organization but in​ 1999 it​ was converted to​ a​ for​ profit organization .​
However, operating costs are supported by charging nominal fees for​ help wanted advertisements placed on the​ San Francisco, Los Angeles and​ New York City Craigslist websites .​
Additionally, there is​ a​ fee for​ brokerage apartment listings in​ New York City.
The vast majority of​ those posting advertisements on any of​ the​ Craigslist over 300 websites are not paying a​ fee to​ do so .​
This definitely makes posting advertisements on Craigslist to​ be worthwhile from a​ financial standpoint .​
While the​ advertisements are free care should be taken to​ post these advertisements judiciously because although there is​ financial loss, poor posting can result in​ a​ loss of​ time and​ resources if​ it​ leads to​ poor profit potential .​
Why Craigslist is​ Free
Although the​ founder of​ Craigslist, Craig Newmark, was approached in​ 1997 about the​ possibility of​ running banner advertisements on Craigslist to​ generate a​ profit, he made the​ decision to​ keep Craigslist as​ a​ noncommercial website .​
Even after Craigslist was converted to​ a​ for​ profit organization commercialization did not infiltrate the​ website .​
The points listed in​ the​ Craigslist mission statement demonstrate why Craigslist has remained noncommercial:
* Giving each other a​ break, getting the​ word out about everyday, real-world stuff
* Restoring the​ human voice to​ the​ Internet, in​ a​ humane, non-commercial environment
* Keeping things simple, common-sense, down-to-earth, honest, very real
* Providing an​ alternative to​ impersonal, big-media sites
* Being inclusive, giving a​ voice to​ the​ disenfranchised, democratizing…
* Being a​ collection of​ communities with similar spirit, not a​ single monolithic entity
Advertising on Craigslist vs .​
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is​ another type of​ marketing which many business owners find to​ be both worthwhile and​ affordable .​
For many the​ appeal of​ affiliate marketing is​ the​ affiliates are not compensated for​ their efforts unless the​ business owner sees some type of​ gain from the​ advertising .​
This gain may be in​ the​ form of​ website traffic in​ the​ case of​ pay per click marketing, in​ the​ form of​ sales in​ pay per sale marketing or​ in​ the​ form of​ potential leads when a​ website visitor performs a​ specific action such as​ registering with a​ website or​ signing up for​ an​ offer.
While affiliate marketing is​ very appealing there are others who prefer advertising on Craigslist .​
The advantages Craigslist offers to​ advertisers is, of​ course, that the​ advertisers never pay for​ their business advertisements and​ the​ community receives a​ great deal of​ website traffic already so driving traffic to​ the​ website is​ not a​ concern .​
Why Free is​ Not Always Better
However, there are some specific instances where free advertising is​ not the​ best type of​ advertising available .​
Consider a​ product or​ service for​ which Craigslist does not have an​ appropriate category .​
In this case advertising on Craigslist may not be worthwhile because although the​ advertisement is​ free, it​ is​ also not likely to​ receive a​ great deal of​ attention from members of​ the​ target audience .​
In this case, advertising on Craigslist may be a​ waste of​ resources.
Another example of​ an​ instance when Craigslist may not be a​ great advertising option is​ when the​ market is​ already saturated with competitors’ advertisements .​
In this case it​ can be difficult to​ sway customer loyalty so it​ might be more worthwhile to​ pay for​ advertising in​ a​ less crowded market .​

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