Adwords Killer Review My Adwords Killer Case Study

Adwords Killer Review My Adwords Killer Case Study

Adwords Killer is​ another very popular Adwords guide that hit the market recently. This is​ my unbiased and critical Adwords Killer Review that will tell you exactly what you will find inside - and what you won't.

Unless you have been living under a​ rock you know that there are dozes of​ Adwords Guides out there. All of​ them promise you that you can make a​ fortune. What I don't like is​ that you keep reading the same stuff over and over - sometimes basics that you could get for free on the tutorial pages of​ Google Adwords.

Other Adwords books that I had previously bought include Google Cash, Adwords Miracle, Affiliate Project X, Day job killer, Adwordelite and The Definitive Guide to​ Google Adwords by Perry Marshall. if​ you add up the price for all of​ them you know I spent a​ lot of​ money.

So my million dollar question really is: Does Adwords Killer offer any new tricks or​ strategies that you haven't seen yet in​ any other guides or​ is​ it​ just the usual stuff (Split-testing ads, Tight ad-grouping etc.)?

Adwords Killer has 81 pages and it​ does cover some of​ the basics, but the major part of​ the guide consists of​ new and innovative tactics that cannot be found in​ other books. Maybe that's because the other authors preferred to​ keep those tricks for themselves – maybe it​ is​ because they were not aware of​ them. I don't know.

So what does Adwords Killer cover what other Adwords Guides don't?

Negative Keywords

This is​ one of​ the highlights of​ the book. Everybody tells you to​ include the negative keyword –free in​ your ads. Adwords Killer goes far beyond that. The author gives you a​ comprehensive list of​ 47 negative keywords that have statistically proven to​ make campaigns unprofitable. Most of​ them I had never considered. But once you think about it​ – it​ seems so obvious. He also tells you exactly when and how to​ use negative keywords and how to​ avoid a​ common mistake many people make when using negative keyword phrases consisting of​ more than one word.

Campaign Tuning

Campaign Tuning means you constantly improve your campaigns to​ make them better and more profitable over time. This is​ something that others don't mention at​ all – although the very popular Adwords Miracle does tell you a​ little about campaign tuning but not enough.

Adwords Killer tells you how to​ use advanced keyword tracking using log files – which only applies if​ you have your own landing page - and how to​ know if​ a​ campaign has reached its maximum profit potential. This is​ something that really made me totally turn around some of​ my campaigns. One of​ my campaigns that was losing money before now makes $25 each and every day.

CPC Kill Technique for Campaign Defense

Recently certain Adwords products have started to​ show you how to​ nuke or​ steal other people's campaigns. Adwords Killer is​ the first guide to​ show you how to​ protect an​ evil advertiser from stealing your keywords and attacking your campaign. This will become more and more important since too many advertisers out there just try to​ spot a​ profitable niche and then just copy your ad. The CPC Kill Technique tells you exactly how to​ keep other advertisers out of​ a​ niche that you have occupied and that you want to​ keep it​ for yourself.

Site Targeting Secrets

This was completely new for me. I must admit that I had always switched off the content network, like most of​ the other gurus said and focused only on keyword targeting. This section alone for me was worth the price of​ Adwords Killer many times over since it​ tells you exactly how to​ use the site targeting feature to​ make a​ $10 per day campaign into a​ 50$ per day campaign. The good thing: as​ with site targeting there is​ almost no competition out there yet, so up to​ this point this is​ easy money.

Bidding Secrets and Position Preference

Adwords Killer shows you a​ method to​ outbid any competitor only spending the minimum amount of​ cash. More important it​ shows you how to​ use the position preference feature from Adwords (rarely used by anyone) to​ maximize your conversions. Yes, I knew that it​ was no good to​ be in​ the number one position for a​ keyword, because you get too many people who click out of​ curiosity but don't buy. What surprised me was the exact position your ad should be in​ to​ get fewer clicks but much higher conversions.

I would recommend Adwords Killer if​ you are already a​ little familiar with Google Adwords and are looking for more powerful tactics to​ boost your profits or​ if​ you currently have some Adwords campaigns running that are unprofitable. if​ you are a​ total newbie, don't buy this book – if​ you are already familiar with Adwords – Adwords Killer will turn you into an​ experienced Adwords advertiser that 99% of​ other advertisers cannot compete with. Even if​ you are very experienced like I am Adwords Killer will have some tricks that you didn't know. Applying only one of​ them can pay the price of​ the book many times over.

The use of​ these advanced tactics is​ what can separate a​ winning campaign from a​ losing one and an​ affiliate marketer who makes some money from an​ Adwords Pro who makes a​ killing.

Honestly I would not want to​ compete in​ a​ niche with another advertiser who uses the tricks laid out in​ Adwords Killer. Get it​ here:

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