Advice For Purchasing Renters Insurance

Advice For Purchasing Renters Insurance
The best advice regarding renters insurance is​ purchase it .​
When we rent an​ apartment,​ a​ condo,​ a​ house,​ or​ a​ mobile home,​ we sometimes feel a​ bit too secure in​ knowing the​ property isn’t ours .​
We don’t own it; therefore,​ whatever happens to​ it,​ outside of​ the​ damage we may cause the​ property ourselves,​ is​ not our responsibility.
If the​ plumbing is​ faulty,​ the​ landlord will clean up the​ small lake in​ the​ kitchen and replace the​ pipes,​ right? If a​ storm hurls a​ tree through the​ living room window,​ the​ landlord will sweep up the​ broken glass and replace the​ window,​ right? If faulty wiring sparks a​ fire and burns the​ building to​ the​ ground,​ the​ landlord will just build again,​ right?
While it​ is​ the​ responsibility of​ the​ landlord and/or owner of​ the​ property to​ fix these damages not caused by you,​ it​ is​ not his or​ her responsibility to​ replace or​ repair your damaged or​ lost possessions along the​ way .​
So,​ who’s going to​ replace your kitchen table when it​ becomes water logged,​ your television set once a​ tree rams through it,​ and everything else you​ own when the​ building burns down?
Your renters insurance company; that is,​ if​ you​ have a​ renters insurance policy.
A renters insurance policy is​ like a​ homeowners insurance policy in​ that your possessions are protected against accidents such as​ fire and water damage,​ as​ well as​ theft .​
When purchasing a​ renters insurance policy,​ you​ should follow the​ same advice as​ purchasing a​ homeowners insurance policy: take inventory of​ your possessions,​ decide how high or​ low you​ want your deductible to​ be to​ get the​ premium you​ can afford,​ and look into a​ floater policy if​ certain valuables aren’t covered under the​ renters insurance policy.
Don’t be swept away by the​ false security of​ not owning the​ property in​ which you​ live; remember,​ you​ do own the​ property you​ moved in​ with!

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