Advertising Yourself To Friends

Advertising Yourself To Friends

Advertising Yourself To Friends?
Did you know many of​ your friends do not know exactly what you do to​ make your money? It happens more often than you'd like to​ think to​ small businesses .​
Since people like to​ do business with friends, it​ is​ important you help them to​ know what you do .​
Recognize that you need to​ educate your friends and​ acquaintances about your small business .​
Then they can become some of​ your best sources of​ new clients and​ promote you to​ others as​ well.
Right now you have lots of​ social and​ business networks of​ people who know you personally: from your clubs, recreational activities, school activities, religious affiliations, hobby groups and​ so on.
Your friends and​ acquaintances know you for​ the​ person and​ character you demonstrate to​ them in​ person .​
Your friendship is​ of​ primary importance to​ them .​
What you do for​ a​ living is​ secondary .​
So it's up to​ you to​ tell them about how you can help when they (or others they know) need what you are selling .​
Your personal colleagues are valued assets to​ promote both you and​ your business.
Your goal is​ to​ become the​ go to​ person when your friends need your services .​
Instead of​ the​ WIIFM What's In It for​ Me formula, you want to​ get them to​ ask you WCYDFM, What Can You Do for​ Me? In other words, Can I​ turn to​ you for​ valuable advice to​ help me solve my problem?
Sure, your friends may know what type of​ business you are in .​
He has a​ garage, she owns a​ consulting service, he is​ a​ mortgage broker, she sells real estate and​ so on .​
Sometimes, small businesses can have vague names, which cry out for​ further explanation.
So it​ can be quite productive if​ you simplify and​ clarify precisely what you do in​ terms your friends can understand .​
Tell stories .​
Give easy-to-understand examples .​
You probably already have one or​ two elevator speeches of​ 10 or​ 30 seconds explaining what you do .​
Develop another version suitable for​ more general use.
When you tell others what you do, use your own personal style of​ story-telling .​
Take advantage of​ impromptu situations, and​ be sure to​ use your judgement about when to​ insert your message into the​ conversation .​

Make it​ easy for​ people to​ talk about you with others in​ their own circles of​ friends and​ acquaintances .​
This how to​ use the​ multiplier effect: friends tell friends.. .​
who tell friends, etc.
In the​ never-ending quest for​ new customers and​ clients for​ your small business, why not take advantage of​ personal opportunities right there in​ front of​ you every day?
And be sure to​ learn about their businesses, too .​
It works both ways!
© 2018 Jon Sinish
This article may be reprinted and​ distributed as​ long as​ the​ resource information remains intact.

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