Advertising Using Power Words

Advertising Using Power Words

Advertising using Power Words
Word cannot only influence the​ minds of​ people but can completely change their perception abut a​ particular thing .​
Words have the​ persuasion power to​ entice and​ motivate .​
They are used by the​ politicians, public relations personals, and​ even by parents to​ pass on their message .​
These words are known as​ power words and​ they can do wonders when used in​ advertisement .​
New or​ improved words create a​ sense of​ curiosity .​
The customers get an​ impression that the​ product is​ something that is​ different from others and​ he tries to​ get it​ before anyone else does so as​ to​ have edge over others .​
The laundry products have always been advertised as​ new and​ improved, from years .​
Although it​ can be either new improved version of​ the​ existing product, but the​ power of​ both the​ words and​ the​ product reinforces each other’s strength .​
Take for​ instance the​ line ‘Money back guarantee’, these power words helps gain the​ trust of​ the​ customer .​
It is​ a​ must to​ print these words at​ the​ closing line of​ an​ advertisement .​
After this sentence, the​ methods of​ payment and​ how money will be returned if​ the​ customer is​ not satisfied should be stated.
Most of​ the​ successful advertisements have a​ little known secret that surely generated curiosity within the​ reader .​
People are knowledge thirsty, they want to​ know what others do not know .​
They think that there is​ some vital information they are missing because of​ which they haven’t gained success in​ something particular .​
Words ‘Insider say that’, is​ similar to​ ‘secret’ .​
It gives out information from some expertise that is​ still unknown to​ the​ outside world and​ only if​ the​ customer gives money, information will be divulged to​ him .​

Free word in​ the​ headline of​ the​ message simply does wonders .​
The reader easily absorbs the​ message, unless and​ until something free is​ given to​ the​ customer in​ reality .​
By any change, if​ the​ company tricks the​ customer into paying money for​ something, which was supposed to​ be free, the​ trust of​ the​ customer is​ lost instantly .​
Usually the​ word FREE is​ spelled as​ FR~E on websites as​ ISP filters blocks messages having the​ actual word, considering it​ to​ be some kind of​ spam .​
You is​ a​ very important word to​ be used in​ an​ advertisement .​
It directly points out the​ advantages to​ the​ customer, if​ he buys a​ particular product or​ service .​
Step into the​ shoes of​ the​ customer and​ try to​ note down the​ points which will be of​ benefit and​ what points will decrease the​ interest .​
The advantages then should be referred to​ the​ customer by addressing them with ‘you’ .​
The customer feels that he is​ being directly talked to .​
The word ‘Immediately’ rings in​ the​ emergency .​
It can be interpreted as​ ‘Don’t wait any longer, get it​ now!’ This motivates the​ customer to​ take some necessary and​ quick action .​
Power in​ itself is​ a​ powerful word .​
Give that power to​ the​ consumer and​ see the​ magic .​
This gives the​ consumer a​ feeling that he can get possession of​ something that he lacked till now and​ this could make him achieve the​ impossible .​
The basis of​ a​ successful advertisement is​ to​ understand the​ consumer’s needs and​ then design the​ advertisement accordingly .​
Just stating the​ advantages of​ using the​ product or​ service of​ the​ company isn’t enough .​
Sentence should be so designed that the​ customer should see his advantage in​ the​ product .​
For example, when advertising for​ a​ digital camera, just stating that the​ in-built memory of​ the​ camera is​ of​ 1 GB, won’t do the​ trick .​
Instead, the​ sentence should be changed to​ ‘enough memory to​ store 350 pictures or​ 50 videos’ .​
The solution to​ the​ problem of​ the​ customer is​ reflected in​ this sentence .​
Ideas can be taken from advertisements of​ other similar brands like how the​ sentences are written and​ placed in​ an​ advertisement .​
After the​ sentence framing, adding power words to​ spice up the​ advertisement will definitely make a​ winning ad campaign .​

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