Advertising Through Email

Advertising Through Email

During a​ email campaign address to​ your clients, members or​ mailing list subscribers it​ is​ also necessary to​ monitor it​ and​ know when your emails are actually read.
The "Email Marketing Use and​ Trends Report: H1 2004" created upon the​ information collected from the​ MailerMailer's 70 million clients, proved the​ following :

1. Email checking
The same day you send the​ email - This is​ when most of​ your targeted audience ( 80% ) will receive and​ read your email. 95% of​ your target audience will receive and​ read your email after 6 days of​ delivery.

2. Failed Email
Sending out a​ email can fail : when one of​ your subscribers changed his/her's email address without letting you know, if​ the​ email is​ marked as​ spam or​ if​ the​ email server of​ one of​ your subscriber(s) is​ not responding or​ it's offline.
A recent study proved that the​ failure rate when sending the​ first 5 emails to​ your subscribers is​ 6,6%, after you delete the​ invalid email addresses from your mailing list the​ failure rate when down to​ 3,9%.
Sending an​ email to​ goverment institutions will have a​ smaller failure rate ( 2,41% ), e-commerce companies ( 3,8%) and​ real estate agencies ( 4,19%).

3. Opening and​ viewing the​ email
It is​ already know and​ proved that sending an​ email to​ goverment institutions, telecommunication companies, ecommerce companies, real estate agencies, have the​ highest receving and​ reading rate. Most of​ them receive and​ read your email within the​ first 48 hours.
Also, emails sent on Monday's have a​ bigger receving & reading rate compared to​ the​ other days of​ the​ week.

4. Link clicking
Emails containing links were accessed in​ a​ proportion of​ 4,27%.

Even if​ a​ small number of​ emails are send during the​ weekend, the​ ones that were sent on Saturday( 5,11%) and​ the​ ones sent on Sunday(5,54%) were received and​ read often then thouse sent during the​ week. in​ the​ same time, emails with a​ personalized subject were opened and​ read by more people than thouse that just had personalized content or​ thouse that were not personalized at​ all.

Be smart when sending out emails. Creating and​ maintaining a​ mailing list can be a​ very effective tool that you can use when running a​ web site or​ a​ online business.

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