Advertising Techniques That Your Moma Never Revealed

Advertising Techniques - That Your Moma Never Revealed
Okay, a​ couple of​ things need to​ be said before I​ get down to​ business .​
First, it​ is​ important to​ me that I​ try to​ practice what I​ preach as​ much as​ possible .​
This is​ not always the​ case and​ for​ that I​ am at​ times unhappy with myself .​
With that in​ mind, I​ am a​ person who believes in​ open communication .​
I​ don’t like hidden agendas .​
I​ also believe in​ the​ goodness of​ people and​ try to​ give people the​ benefit of​ the​ doubt .​
Also, I​ believe that in​ order to​ believe in​ people, risks must be taken in​ order for​ mutual respect to​ have an​ opportunity to​ grow .​
With that in​ mind I​ am going to​ take a​ risk and​ hope that no one abuses it, but respects a​ goal of​ mine and​ tries not to​ undermine it .​

The goal: I​ want to​ invent a​ word and​ have it​ accepted into the​ Oxford English Dictionary .​
There are a​ few criteria that need to​ be met to​ successfully enter a​ word in​ the​ OED, which you can check on for​ yourself, but I​ think that I​ have my strategy and​ word all ready .​
What I’m trusting is​ that what I’m about to​ share will not be taken by someone else, thus supplanting a​ dream I’ve had for​ a​ long time .​
I’m going to​ tell you my idea and​ I​ hope that you appreciate it, but that it​ remains my idea to​ pursue and​ turn into a​ reality.
One of​ the​ criteria for​ the​ OED is​ that a​ word with a​ similar definition does not exist .​
or​ in​ other words, there must be need for​ the​ word .​
That’s tough, but I​ think I​ have it .​
the​ English language has no word that means a​ person or​ thing that is​ one’s least preferred .​
a​ person or​ thing that is​ one’s most hated .​
This is​ essentially the​ opposite of​ favorite .​
We can get the​ idea across, but we have no single word that encapsulates most hated with the​ efficiency that favorite has for​ most preferred or​ loved .​
the​ word I​ think can solve this linguistic gap is​ malrite .​

This surprises me, as​ languages tend to​ develop words that they need to​ express .​
It seems to​ me that in​ the​ history of​ English speaking countries there has been enough broad aggression and​ localized apathy, jealously and​ maliciousness to​ have a​ need to​ create this word .​
But, I​ began to​ doubt the​ need for​ such a​ word, until I​ began looking into online advertising techniques.
Aside from my personal psychotic ranting on online advertising techniques, I​ wasn’t really sure what the​ general public felt about the​ issue and​ I​ certainly wasn’t sure if​ the​ industry itself gave any consideration to​ it .​
Then I​ ran across an​ article headlined the​ Most Hated Advertising Techniques .​
Wow, if​ there ever was reason to​ recharge my pursuit of​ malrite, I​ have found it .​
This was an​ article that looked into a​ study that examined people’s malrite aspects of​ online advertising .​
But, the​ whole thing played itself out awkwardly as​ it​ lacked an​ appropriate word to​ describe the​ disgust, disdain and​ hatred felt by the​ study’s volunteers .​
This article indicated to​ me that the​ fact of​ the​ matter is​ that in​ life we all have our favorite and​ malrite things, and​ we need to​ be able to​ articulate that.

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