Advertising Site Is Helping Us Have Our Dream Child

Advertising Site Is Helping Us Have Our Dream Child

My name is​ Shawn and​ my wifes name is​ Erin and​ we were married March 15th, 1997. This is​ our story of​ a​ struggle to​ have a​ child and​ what we are doing to​ overcome the​ struggle to​ make our dream come true.

While our marrige has been wonderful and​ God has given us each other, there has always been something missing. This something is​ a​ child of​ our own to​ love and​ to​ care for. Even prior to​ our being married my wife and​ I had discussed and​ dreamed of​ having a​ child of​ our own. Early on we even bought baby name books and​ had picked out what we liked best after going through the​ books several times reading every name out loud so we could see how it​ would sound with our last name. We tried to​ have a​ child for​ the​ first year we were married. We then seeked medical help. it​ turns out that my wife can't get pregnant naturally. the​ only way she could get pregnant was by the​ aid of​ invetro surgery. This procedure cost $20,000 per try with no gurantee of​ success. My wife was in​ college and​ I was are sole support. We had a​ mortgage, two car loans and​ other bills to​ pay. There was no way I could earn enough money for​ us to​ have a​ child at​ that time and​ we thought it​ would be best if​ we waited until my wife graduated college before starting to​ save for​ the​ invetro surgey procedure.

Six months prior to​ my wife graduating college I was injured at​ work. I drove a​ 18 wheeler tank truck at​ gas drilling rigs in​ North Texas. I hauled drilling mud, water and​ other chemicals to​ and​ from the​ rigs. On the​ day I was injured it​ had been raining all day and​ the​ night prior to​ that dreadful day. the​ water was standing knee deep for​ a​ good 300 yards all away around the​ rigs with rain and​ lightning coming down around me. I called my dspatcher and​ told him of​ the​ conditions at​ the​ rigs that I was working on that day. the​ dispatcher (and his infinite wisdom) told me to​ keep working. Like the​ good little worker I was, I stayed and​ did my job. I had loaded my truck and​ was walking (wading) back to​ the​ cab of​ the​ truck when I stepped into a​ hole around two feet deep that I couldn't see do to​ the​ deep, brown water. My right ankle and​ foot collapsed to​ one side and​ my body fell in​ the​ opposite direction tearing the​ main nerve (almost in​ two) on the​ inside of​ my right ankle. I endured four surgeries to​ try and​ correct the​ problem with no success.

It has been five long years since I was injured on the​ job and​ after my last foot surgey I have formed what is​ referred to​ as​ CRPS type II (complex regional pain syndrome). it​ is​ a​ very painful disorder that requires me to​ have a​ morphine pain pump implant and​ take oral nerve and​ pain medications to​ help control my painful condition so that I can do simple day to​ day tasks that most people take for​ granted. However, I'm getting around better than I could prior to​ having my morphine implant implanted.

Erin, my wife who I love with all of​ my heart and​ soul finally graduated college as​ valedictorian. She is​ so smart. She means the​ world to​ me and​ I very much want for​ her to​ have a​ child because I know she wants one more than anything, as​ do I.

We have a​ home in​ North Texas but we have chosen to​ purchase a​ fifth wheel trailer so that Erin can work as​ a​ traveling nurse. Working as​ a​ traveling nurse pays twice as​ much as​ it​ does working at​ a​ local hospital back home.

It has been almost two years since we hit the​ road so Erin could work and​ we still don't have our fifth wheel paid for​ so we haven't been able to​ save much for​ our baby fund yet. This is​ also partially due to​ our home that we have had for​ sale for​ the​ past year that hasn't sold. We even lowered the​ price to​ what we owe and​ threw in​ the​ riding lawn mower but still haven't had any luck in​ selling it. This is​ costing us around $1,100 per month.

Since my injury we have had to​ file bankruptcy, sell off most that I had worked so hard for​ over the​ years.

Erin and​ I would like to​ have a​ child some day before it's too late. Again, the​ only way we can have a​ child is​ invetro surgury. as​ many people know it​ doesn't always work the​ first time around and​ one try can cost around $20,000.00 with the​ meds. Erin and​ I just don't have the​ income to​ achieve this in​ enough time for​ us to​ have a​ child.

Soon after the​ foot surguries I realized that I wasn't ever going to​ be able to​ work again so I started teaching myself how to​ create websites and​ market them in​ order to​ make a​ living. Thus far I haven't gotten rich doing it​ but I have brought in​ some extra money over the​ years. During this time I have managed to​ learn a​ lot about creating websites and​ marketing them so I put that information to​ good use and​ opened I figured everyone needs to​ market their website and​ products in​ order to​ bring customers to​ their sites. Since I had just about every book on the​ subject and​ I had experience in​ marketing my other websites that I could help webmasters bring potential customers to​ their site and​ in​ return they would help Erin and​ I have the​ child we have always wanted.

Money2Surf advertising is​ a​ pixel advertising website that I opened to​ help see our dreams of​ having a​ child come true and​ with your help Erin and​ I can finally have the​ child that we have always longed for​ and​ website owners can finally get a​ steady stream of​ potential customers to​ their sites. Some of​ the​ proceeds of​ Money2Surf advertising will be used for​ us to​ have a​ child and​ to​ setup a​ small savings account for​ our childs education. Any remaining money will go towards a​ childrens charity such as​ "Feed the​ Children" and​ "St.Judes Childrens Hospital".

If you will notice we will only be keeping enough money for​ one try at​ invetro surgey. This is​ all that we are asking for, one chance to​ have a​ child.

Time is​ of​ the​ essence! We need to​ sell pixels as​ soon as​ possible. We are hoping to​ have all of​ the​ pixels sold by December 2018 so if​ you have a​ website and​ our struggling with sales then our site can help you! We are also asking you to​ help us spread the​ word about our pixel page.

When I came up with this idea it​ was only a​ few days after I heard about the​ college student (Alex Tew) that created this script to​ help pay his way through college. I scraped up just enough money to​ purchase this script in​ hopes to​ fufill Erin and​ I's dream of​ having a​ child and​ help the​ less fortunate children get what they need.

Using our pixel site you can advertise your website or​ your affiliate website. Here are just some examples of​ what you can advertise on our pixel site: cell phones, ring tones, earn money online opportunities, autosurf websites, paid to​ read websites, gadgets, electronics, stereos, computers, laptops, software, clothes, apperal, baby products, sports equipment, exercise equipment and​ just about anything else you can imagine. the​ only things we don't allow to​ be advertised is​ porn, hate websites or​ anything not suitable for​ family viewing. Please check our FAQ's page. if​ you have your own website and​ your trying to​ sell products on them then this site can help you with those sales.

By you purchasing pixels at​ Money2Surf advertising your traffic will take off for​ whatever website you advertise and​ your site will be advertised for​ at​ least the​ next ten years! This site is​ already located in​ the​ search engines. Please know that your proceeds will be going to​ a​ very good cause. You will be elping Erin and​ I have a​ child of​ our own and​ help the​ less fortunate children in​ the​ world.

For more information about what pixel advertising can do for​ your site please visit our site (the link is​ in​ the​ resources box of​ this article).

Thank you all and​ God Bless!

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