Advertising Outdoors

Advertising Outdoors

Advertising Outdoors
To a​ general advertiser outdoor advertising is​ worthy of​ consideration .​
Outdoor advertising is​ considered as​ the​ oldest form of​ advertising .​
Posting bills on wooden boards in​ the​ late 19th century led to​ the​ birth of​ the​ term billboard .​
Today, outdoor advertising includes not only billboards but also car cards in​ public transportation, displays in​ airports, ski areas, and​ sports arenas and​ in-store displays among others .​
Consider this scenario: you were on your way to​ the​ office and​ without even looking at​ the​ morning paper you found out that your favorite boutique is​ opening in​ the​ neighborhood .​
Or you were on your way home from work when you find out that a​ major company you would love to​ work for​ is​ hiring – and​ this you knew without even having your own radio on .​
How did all these happen? Through outdoor advertising .​

Outdoor advertising is​ very powerful and​ effective .​
It has the​ ability to​ target consumers quickly and​ accurately .​
Likewise, it​ can create a​ strong visual impression that reinforces continuity and​ name recognition, making your overall marketing campaign even more effective .​
According to​ studies, more and​ more consumers are spending time than ever driving or​ riding in​ cars and​ walking in​ cities .​
This means that customers are exposed to​ outdoor advertising more than ever before .​
Hence, making use of​ outdoor advertising can significantly increase your chance of​ attracting more customers .​
Designing and​ creating an​ outdoor advertising is​ like creating a​ visual storytelling .​
The expression of​ an​ idea can surprise viewers with words or​ excite them with pictures .​
Humor is​ a​ powerful design choice for​ outdoor advertising .​
The character of​ outdoor advertising requires a​ clear message, a​ strong brand identity and​ a​ fast impact .​
Outdoor advertising shares many communication characteristics with other media, but it​ is​ the​ differences that truly determine what will be effective design elements for​ an​ advertisement.
So what could outdoor advertising do that traditional advertising can’t? Outdoor advertising has better advantage when it​ comes to​ a​ regional or​ national showing .​
And outdoor advertising can reinforce the​ primary message delivered through broadcast or​ print .​
Additionally, outdoor advertising requires low active processing because consumers receive its messages when they are in​ an​ inactive state of​ mind .​
Often, commuters sit idle in​ their vehicles when outdoor messages are presented so their mood is​ under stimulated .​
This is​ a​ good opportunity for​ advertisers because well-presented outdoor designs will grab attention when commuters are deprived of​ other creative stimulation .​

Thus, keep in​ mind that impressive advertising is​ essential for​ the​ long-term success of​ any brand, since advertising works best when an​ individual consumer learns that a​ product or​ service is​ a​ good choice for​ them.

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