Advertising On A Budget Part 3 Frequency Frequency Frequency

Advertising On A Budget Part 3 Frequency Frequency Frequency

Advertising on a​ budget -- Part 3: Frequency, frequency, frequency
This is​ the​ third article of​ a​ three-part series .​
I'm illustrating the​ marketing challenges of​, a​ small business .​
If you don't remember anything else about marketing, remember this: Frequency is​ king.
The more often you can get your name in​ front of​ your potential and​ current customers, the​ more likely you will make a​ sale.
Depending on what study you look at, people need to​ see your message anywhere from three to​ 27 times before they act upon it.
And, if​ you want to​ brand your business, then you need to​ get it​ in​ front of​ your customers as​ often as​ possible.
How do you think Ivory Soap, Campbell Soup and​ Tide all built their brands so deeply into our minds? Through years and​ years of​ repeatedly advertising .​
That's why those brands pop into our head when we think about soap, soup or​ laundry detergent.
So if​ you want to​ build your brand, then you need to​ advertise frequently.
There's another benefit to​ advertising frequently .​
It also helps your current customers.
People like to​ know they made the​ right decision after they purchased something .​
How much reassurance they need depends on how much they spend, but everyone needs some confirmation they made the​ right decision .​
Your advertising can help.
Studies have shown that people are more aware of​ car ads after they purchased a​ car -- specifically car ads of​ the​ model they bought .​
And they're more likely to​ both believe and​ approve of​ the​ message .​
Again, because they want to​ know they made the​ right decision .​
So there are many good reasons to​ advertise frequently .​
Does that mean you have to​ spend a​ fortune? Not necessarily .​
There are a​ few tricks you can use to​ get the​ frequency you need at​ a​ low cost .​
(These are print tricks -- other advertising outlets, such as​ radio and​ online, we'll talk about in​ future issues.)
1 .​
Make your ad as​ small as​ possible .​
Small ads cost less .​
See Advertising on a​ Budget – Part 2: Thinking Small for​ more information on shrinking your ad.
2 .​
It's better to​ schedule your ads to​ run all at​ once than spread them out .​
People will never remember when they don't see your ad, only when they do .​
If they see your ad a​ lot in​ one week, they're going to​ be under the​ impression you advertise all the​ time because they won't remember NOT seeing your ad other weeks.
3 .​
Take advantage of​ any frequency programs your newspaper offers .​
And definitely sign a​ contract -- don't run ads under the​ open rate.
Here's how it​ worked for​ PWC.
The newspaper had a​ program called 3 for​ Free .​
If you ran an​ ad three days in​ a​ row, you got the​ next three days for​ free (the paper was published six days a​ week).
We designed a​ tiny ad -- a​ one by two inch ad -- and​ we ran it​ six days in​ a​ row .​
Then we skipped the​ next three weeks and​ did the​ same thing again the​ next month.
After a​ year of​ doing this, PWC had people coming up to​ her telling her they saw her ad all the​ time .​
Business owners wanted to​ advertise on PWC because they could see the​ commitment PWC had to​ advertising .​
Brides and​ grooms were visiting PWC on a​ regular basis because they were being reminded monthly.
What did all this cost? About $100 a​ month.
But, a​ word of​ caution .​
It takes time to​ build a​ business and​ a​ brand .​
It won't happen overnight .​
But it​ will happen, especially if​ you remember to​ keep getting your name in​ front of​ your customers and​ potential customers as​ often as​ you possibly can.

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