Advertising In A Nutshell

Advertising In A Nutshell

The bottom line of​ all advertising efforts is​ an​ obvious one: to​ attract customers and​ bolster sales. But often, small business advertising is​ wasted on a​ shotgun approach that doesn’t focus on the​ company’s best prospects: those who are ready, willing and​ able to​ purchase the​ product or​ service. in​ an​ attempt to​ reach “everybody,” these advertisers either miss their true market or​ spend far more than necessary to​ reach it.

Once you’ve targeted your market and​ know exactly who and​ where your prospects are, it’s important to​ clearly identify what you want your advertising to​ accomplish. Specific advertising objectives include:

• Creating new customers
• Increasing usage
• Increasing order size
• Promoting replacement of​ functional but outdated products with technologically superior ones
• Improving brand name recognition
• Generating customer inquiries
• Creating sales leads through the​ use of​ response ads, coupons or​ toll free “800” numbers
• Promoting special events such as​ sales, business openings or​ the​ introduction of​ new products or​ services
• Enhancing the​ overall image of​ the​ business

Generally, the​ most effective ads focus on customer needs or​ wants and​ emphasize the​ most desirable benefits of​ the​ product or​ service, such as​ convenience, style or​ durability. Other tactics include comparisons with competitive products, two for​ one sales, special one day discounts and​ offers of​ free information.

The techniques you choose in​ your advertising will help determine the​ media you select and​ the​ exact message you communicate. One of​ the​ best ways to​ become familiar with the​ tactics in​ your field is​ to​ collect your competitors’ advertising materials and​ use them to​ stimulate your thinking.

The most important things to​ take into consideration in​ any ad are the​ audience and​ the​ offer. Who is​ the​ ad trying to​ reach? if​ the​ ad isn’t presented to​ the​ right audience and​ addressed to​ them in​ their own language, then it​ isn’t going to​ get noticed. and​ if​ the​ offer isn’t something that interests them and​ gets them excited, then they’re not going to​ take any action even if​ they do notice it.

Finally, make it​ easy for​ customers to​ respond to​ your ad. Tell them what action to​ take and​ include (depending on the​ advertising medium) coupons, an​ “800” number or​ business reply envelopes. and​ be sure to​ stand behind what you sell.

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