Advertising For Your Mmorpg Guild

Advertising For Your Mmorpg Guild

Advertising for​ Your MMORPG Guild
Guild recruiters cannot be shy .​
Post in​ recruiting forums, erect a​ guild Web site, use in​ game recruiting tools, such as​ those in​ EQ2, these activities all promote your guild and​ you probably should avail yourself of​ them .​
However the​ fastest, cheapest, easiest most effective way to​ get new members for​ your guild is​ to​ simply ask in​ a​ general chat channel.
Before You Hit the​ Chat Channels You Need to​ Know...
...what benefit people will receive by joining your guild and​ at​ what cost? Do you provide help with grouping? Do you help people level? Are you a​ PvP guild? if​ so what kind of​ PvP guild? if​ you provide groups for​ members is​ joining guild groups required? if​ you help people level, is​ helping other members required? if​ you are an​ MMORPG PvP guild, does this mean you don’t do content or​ that you do organized battlegrounds?
Once you know the​ major benefit of​ joining your guild, create your message around that .​
Know the​ cost however, because you’ll need new members to​ understand that if​ you want to​ retain them…more about that in​ my next article for​ PlayerVox.
To construct your message take the​ big focus on your major benefit and​ combine it​ with one of​ two possible actions you want the​ interested party to​ take:
1 .​
PST for​ membership info .​
Contact you immediately in​ (PST for​ Please Send Tell is​ fairly universal).
Be prepared to​ answer questions and​ potentially talk to​ multiple people at​ the​ same time .​
I​ like to​ either use a​ text file to​ cut and​ paste common answers, or​ setup macros when available.
2 .​
URL .​
Save yourself a​ lot of​ typing by sending people to​ a​ special recruiting page setup in​ advance .​
Lazy people won’t take the​ time to​ go look however, so if​ you are zerg recruiting, don’t use this method .​
Using a​ Web page is​ ideal if​ there is​ a​ lot of​ information for​ potential members to​ consider.
* Present your guild as​ active and​ up-to-date .​
Do NOT send potentials to​ your inactive guild forums or​ glommed together site for​ info .​
Instead create a​ special page just for​ potential new recruits.
* Get the​ easiest URL possible .​
Example: is​ the​ domain name I​ use for​ the​ Section One guild.
* Always use the​ so that people understand it​ is​ a​ web site you want them to​ look at.
Recruiting Message Samples
Helper PvE guild:
Learn the​ ropes and​ level fast with XYZ guild .​
PST for​ membership info.
Guild with funny people:
Laugh your way to​ level 50 with XYZ guild .​
Casual players welcome .​
PST for​ membership info.
Guild with serious PvErs:
XYZ guild seeks pro-PvE members .​
Do dungeons right with us .​
Ventrilo required .​
PST for​ membership info.
End game looters:
The PvE veterans of​ XYZ raid guild LFM for​ teamwork and​ achieving long term goals .​
Adult social guild:
Like to​ play and​ chat? Join the​ lively world of​ XYZ guild on Ventrilo .​ Not kid friendly.
Crafting guild:
Attention crafters: Join with other crafters in​ XYZ guild to​ build an​ economic powerhouse and​ rule the​ server .​
PST for​ more info.
Player-killing guild:
Join for​ the​ Rep .​
Stay for​ the​ people who'd rather fight than switch .​
RPK all the​ way .​
PST for​ membership info.
Advertise, but don’t spam
Some old fashioned net-etiquette should be employed while advertising in​ chat channels:
* Use appropriate channels .​
Find out what channels are acceptable for​ guild recruiting .​
It’s different in​ every game .​
For instance, in​ Guild Wars, one uses the​ all channel .​
In some MMORPGs the​ regional chat channels are acceptable .​
Some games have special recruiting channels.
* Keep it​ short and​ sweet .​
Don’t attempt to​ explain every membership detail in​ your message .​
Things scroll away fast and​ people don’t have time to​ deal with long text—heck, they don’t even read quest descriptions most of​ the​ time! More on this later.
* Don’t spam .​
The reason you repeat your message is​ to​ give busy people another chance to​ read it​ as​ well present yourself to​ new people who haven’t seen it .​
It is​ not to​ bore and​ aggravate people with your endless droning of​ e-garbage.
o How often you repeat your message is​ game dependent .​
In games like WoW, EQ2 and​ Vanguard, the​ number of​ new people coming into and​ going out of​ a​ channel is​ small, so repeat sparingly .​
Observe how frequently others repeat and​ repeat less than they do .​
If you get complaints, reduce your frequency even more .​
Being perceived as​ spam will get you on people’s ignore-list.
o In Guild Wars where people hop in​ and​ out of​ districts constantly, your best bet is​ to​ move around from place to​ place, repeat your message once per district then move on, repeating your cycle every five minutes or​ so.
* Change it​ up .​
Vary your message from time to​ time, test new messages, be clever, entertain .​
Boring messages equates to​ a​ boring guild.
Advertise eloquently...
...or at​ least avoid looking stupid:
* Do not load up your message with **l337** symbols and​ other #$%^& crap .​
Your potential recruits don’t have time or​ desire to​ decipher, so just use plain English.
* Stay away from over-used terms so ubiquitous that they are now meaningless .​
Ever seen anyone advertising for​ unfriendly, immature and​ inactive members? Almost all guilds are friendly, mature and​ active, so don’t use up precious space talking about it.
* Use goood speeling .​
You may not care about every day chat spelling and​ grammar, but nothing makes you look more like a​ stupid n00b than spamming the​ same error over and​ over .​
Check it​ first then store it​ in​ a​ macro or​ text file.
People want to​ join guilds that are active .​
They like to​ be able to​ login and​ find things are happening .​
One of​ the​ best things to​ do recruiting-wise is​ put together PUGs, then pitch guild membership to​ the​ better players.
You can take this idea a​ step further by organizing server events and​ advertising them in​ spam .​
Depending on how much creativity the​ game supports you can do a​ lot .​
Character weddings, PvP king of​ the​ hill events, PvP tournaments, PvE and​ PvP raids, crafting fairs, scavenger hunts, races and​ costume contests are all popular.
Worst Guild Recruiting Spam Ever
XYZ GUILD RECUTING friendly active players .​
All levels, races, classses and​ ages .​
Mature PvE and​ PvP .​
Have hall and​ cape .​
This is​ a​ pretty typical zerg guild spam—hard to​ read, packed full of​ errors and​ easy to​ ignore .​
It attempts to​ attract people by sounding friendly, but undermines itself by trying to​ be all things to​ all people—which equates to​ nothing for​ nobody .​
If you want to​ offer zillions of​ players a​ temporary spot in​ your revolving door clan, use this ad .​
(The have hall and​ cape is​ a​ Guild Wars thing .​
Since every guild has those, it​ amazes me that people even mention it .​
If they advertised a​ guild hall with all perks or​ silver cape that would be different.)
XYZ guild looking for​ members .​
50 gold paid on joining.
Why not just say, attention leeches, come get 50gp then leave me for​ another guild if​ you are this desperate for​ members, consider calling it​ quits and​ joining an​ established guild.
UberAwesome guild looking for​ members .​
Raiding right now, come get your endgame loot!
This ad isn't much better than the​ previous one .​
It's just another opportunity for​ people to​ leech off your generosity .​
Inviting people to​ join your raids is​ a​ good way to​ impress people, but it's best to​ keep those opportunities and​ your recruiting separate.
Don't be shy! Speak up and​ use chat to​ let people know that you're out there .​
Be wise with your messages, don't abuse it, and​ you'll be rewarded with plenty of​ interest.

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