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Watch any given television long enough, and​ you’ll be greeted by advertisements. and​ in​ today’s ever-competitive market, the​ real story is​ behind the​ scenes, where companies face a​ constant battle to​ stay ahead of​ the​ competition. and​ with brand names offering hugely lucrative contracts for​ the​ right image, the​ art of​ advertising today is​ massively important.

The actual art of​ advertising and​ branding is​ a​ lot more sophisticated and​ in-depth than the​ consumers they target may realize. Long before an​ advert even reaches the​ screen, or​ print, it​ has been subject to​ pain-staking research, focus groups, marketing surveys, and​ many other methods of​ determining the​ current state of​ the​ target market. Without this information, releasing a​ product runs the​ risk of​ commercial suicide if​ the​ consumer isn’t ready. There’s no such thing as​ luck where advertising a​ brand, either established or​ new, is​ involved. it​ takes a​ lot of​ hard work, grueling hours in​ meetings and​ highly skilled teams of​ creative minds to​ finalize a​ concept.

Part of​ this process, and​ a​ way of​ determining whether a​ new brand and​ accompanying advertisement has succeeded or​ not, is​ actually one of​ the​ simplest. By providing a​ group of​ consumers with either an​ image, a​ tag line, or​ even just a​ combination of​ colors and​ sounds, and​ they recognize the​ brand behind the​ advertising, then the​ hard work has paid off.

This is​ where the​ advertising and​ branding of​ a​ product is​ so important, by firstly ensuring that consumers will recognize a​ given product or​ brand. the​ next important factor is​ actually persuading consumers to​ associate certain attributes with your product. These can range from reliability, pricing, value for​ money, etc. This is​ one of​ the​ most difficult, yet most intrinsically important sources of​ advertising and​ branding success. an​ instance of​ this is​ if​ you mentioned mouthwash – is​ there a​ brand that springs to​ mind immediately? How about favourite destinations to​ go on vacation – does one resort receive more recommendations than others? Even if​ that particular resort hasn’t been visited by everyone who mentioned it, just the​ fact the​ advertising of​ that resort makes it​ sound so enticing that they perceive it’s the​ destination they should go to, is​ a​ sure sign of​ successful brand advertising.

Yet if​ successfully advertising a​ brand is​ difficult enough to​ begin with, it​ can be even more so trying to​ reach out to​ new markets with the​ same product. the​ stronger the​ brand and​ the​ more successful the​ initial advertising campaign, the​ more difficult it​ becomes to​ find new avenues. Despite possibly having the​ number one product on the​ market, any new advertising still needs to​ go through the​ whole process again from scratch. After all, what worked for​ one product is​ not guaranteed to​ work for​ another.

And this is​ where the​ true power of​ advertising and​ branding becomes apparent, and​ is​ the​ strongest proof yet that it’s one of​ the​ most important in​ determining whether a​ company succeeds or​ fails.

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