Advertisers Embrace Rich Media Format

Advertisers Embrace 'Rich Media' Format
From ads that dance or​ sing to​ MTV-like commercials, online advertisers are now using a​ new type of​ technology called rich media to​ attract consumers.
U.S .​
Internet advertising revenue will have reached about $12 billion last year, up $3 billion from 2004 .​
Of this, advertisers spent about $1 billion on rich media, up from $800 million in​ 2003, according to​ the​ Interactive Advertising Bureau.
So what exactly is​ rich media? By definition, it​ is​ an​ online advertising technique that combines graphics with audio technologies, giving Internet users an​ interactive experience .​
And with more than half of​ American households connected online and​ using high-speed connections like broadband and​ DSL, it​ means a​ potentially lucrative way for​ online advertisers to​ get consumers' attention.
One company taking online advertising to​ a​ different level is​ Centale Inc .​
(OTCBB: CNTL), based in​ Fort Lauderdale, Fla .​
The online marketing and​ technology firm offers cutting-edge technology solutions to​ its clients.
Centale's premier application, the​ Catalyst EV, is​ a​ software platform that allows companies to​ communicate directly to​ the​ desktop of​ their audience in​ rich media format.
The software also functions independent of​ e-mail .​
To date, studies have shown that e-mail campaigns may be decreasing in​ effectiveness because as​ the​ amount of​ e-mail increases, the​ likelihood of​ success of​ the​ solicitation or​ advertisement tends to​ decrease.
One reason that advertisers are embracing rich media is​ that it​ typically entertains and​ is​ compelling enough to​ capture the​ interest of​ consumers .​
It also allows a​ user a​ modicum of​ control by either stopping the​ ad entirely, or​ participating in​ it​ and​ clicking through to​ an​ advertiser's Web site to​ get more information.
While rich media may not endear advertising to​ online consumers, most users are finding it​ less intrusive than traditional pop-up, banner and​ text-based ads .​
Centale says there is​ a​ favorable market for​ its product, as​ the​ industry shifts away from traditional advertising such as​ print and​ radio in​ favor of​ online advertising.

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