Advertise To Millions 2 Classified Ads E Zine Promotion Safe Lists

Advertise To Millions 2 Classified Ads E Zine Promotion Safe Lists

Advertise to​ millions -#2- Classified ads, e-zine promotion, safe lists.
This is​ a​ series of​ articles about marketing and​ advertising .​
There are different ways you can reach an​ audience of​ millions of​ individuals all around the​ world .​
I​ show you on this series how to​ implement profitable strategies in​ your marketing career .​
It has been said that “what matters is​ not what you sell but how you promote it.” So, the​ secret to​ success lays within your marketing techniques .​
That’s why it​ is​ very important for​ business owners to​ develop skills which allow them to​ increase the​ sales of​ their products .​
One of​ the​ most important skills you must have is​ the​ ability to​ reach a​ lot of​ people quickly .​
To do this you need to​ realize how powerful media is​ an​ how it​ can drastically increase your revenues.
– Classified ads –
Free classified ads are another way you can advertise online at​ no cost to​ you .​
They represent on the​ Internet what a​ newspaper ad represents on the​ streets .​
You can post ads to​ thousands of​ web sites and​ reach millions of​ internet users .​
The drawback of​ this strategy is​ that it​ is​ time consuming, but once you get used to​ it​ you will realize which are the​ easier ad sections to​ post to​ and​ the​ most effective ones .​
It may take some time though before you discover those that fit you well .​

You can post your ads to​ the​ following websites:
Among others.
– E-zine promotion –
You can post an​ add to​ a​ vast amount of​ individuals by submitting it​ to​ many different e-zines at​ once .​
This is​ simple and​ free .​
Just go to​ read the​ information they provide for​ you there and​ complete their form .​
Your ad will be displayed in​ hundreds of​ e-zines all over the​ Internet .​
There is​ a​ combined amount of​ more than 1,000,000 subscribers at​ those web sites, so you will gain a​ lot of​ exposure from them .​
I think it​ is​ better if​ you use an​ alternate e-mail address for​ this purpose .​
You can get a​ free email address from Yahoo .​
When I​ joined the​ list I​ received many messages every day .​
This technique could bring you additional traffic .​
The only problem I​ see is​ that most other individuals also join the​ list to​ advertise to​ other people as​ you do .​
So, the​ goal of​ most subscribers is​ to​ sell products, not to​ buy them.
I think though it​ is​ a​ good way to​ diversify your trading strategies .​
You could give it​ a​ try and​ see if​ it​ works for​ you .​
Remember to​ use an​ alternate email address and​ read their terms and​ conditions first.
– Safe lists –
Safe lists are lists of​ e-mail addresses from people who have requested to​ receive messages and​ information about a​ specific topic .​
As you probably already know to​ deliver comments or​ advertisement via e-mail to​ others without their consent or​ authorization is​ called spamming and​ is​ illegal .​
Also if​ you spam others do not expect to​ receive a​ reasonable response rate from them .​
What do I​ mean? I​ mean that you can send a​ message to​ millions of​ individuals, but if​ they are not interested in​ what you are selling and​ they didn’t requested that information from you, then you will probably make very few sales, plus you will receive a​ lot of​ complaints from hundreds of​ them .​
Then what is​ the​ smart way to​ advertise using e-mail addresses? the​ answer is​ safe lists .​
Think about it .​
This people are looking for​ information related to​ the​ products or​ services you are selling .​
Many of​ them are even getting paid to​ read your messages .​
This technique is​ also called advertising to​ targeted opt-in mailing lists .​
You can create your own list of​ subscribers.
You can join Yahoo groups or​ Google groups and​ start your own newsletter .​
The way you get subscribers is​ by posting valuable information there that your visitors would like to​ read .​
You can also join any of​ the​ companies bellow:
Your mailing list provider
Now, keep in​ mind that building your own list of​ subscribers takes time .​
Some people prefer to​ pay others for​ the​ privilege of​ advertising on their lists .​
For example, offer you the​ opportunity to​ advertise to​ their subscribers for​ a​ fee .​
This is​ just an​ example .​
There are many other companies like these on the​ Internet today and​ their prices vary.
As you can see, this techniques can increase your exposure and​ help you get more clients .​
You can read about other effective marketing techniques from my other articles on this series .​
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