Advertise On My Site A Complete Review

Advertise On My Site A Complete Review

Undoubtedly one of​ the​ hottest trends on the​ Internet today is​ blogging. the​ numbers are simply mind-boggling if​ one has to​ compare the​ number of​ blogs that have been created. This is​ an​ incredible way to​ interact with people who share similar interests and​ likes as​ you. This new world serves as​ a​ great networking tool. in​ fact I first discovered this when I decided to​ advertise on my blog.

At times I post freelance writing jobs on my blog for​ other writers. Employers advertise on my site indirectly. On the​ other hand this service is​ extremely appreciated by a​ number of​ my visitors who are in​ search for​ work. Instead of​ visiting countless web pages, many writers come directly to​ my blog to​ see what I advertise on my site.

Personally I like consistency so I prefer to​ take on solid projects with reliable clients. Nonetheless, there is​ something very appealing about the​ thrill of​ the​ chase. Despite the​ fact that I don’t advertise on my site to​ find work for​ myself however I do get a​ kick out of​ hunting down the​ offers. Besides I appreciate the​ feedback given from the​ writers who find work through my blog. I simply cannot imagine looking for​ work on a​ daily basis. Well, actually, I can because I do search every day. Frankly speaking I really can’t imagine relying on the​ search for​ my livelihood.

A number of​ the​ readers who visit the​ blog sometimes leave messages just to​ let me know that they were hired for​ one project or​ another. for​ sure, these messages make my day! I’m happy to​ know that the​ site is​ doing some good. Unfortunately, one of​ my readers became offended that I use Google advertisements on my site. Indeed she wanted to​ know why I advertise on my blog for​ profit. Well, the​ profit is​ quite small. in​ fact I have found that writers are not really clickers. and​ in​ my opinion I also think that clicking on one or​ two ads is​ not a​ big price for​ the​ service I provide.
Now this brings to​ mind the​ question about blog etiquette. a​ lot of​ seasoned bloggers get aggravated by the​ site of​ advertisements. Nevertheless, these readers should consider the​ purpose of​ the​ site before passing judgment.

The reason behind why I advertise on my site is​ because it​ offers a​ valuable service. of​ course, the​ reader has the​ option of​ scrolling down past the​ advertisements if​ he isn’t happy with them. There is​ absolutely no obligation at​ all to​ click on an​ ad. the​ fact is​ that several of​ my readers commented that they didn’t even notice that I advertise on my blog until the​ complaint was posted on my site. I’d like to​ thank that person for​ complaining. This way my readers are taking time to​ give me a​ few clicks now!

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