Advantages Of Buying Promotional Products Online

Advantages of​ Buying Promotional Products Online
Buying your promotional products and corporate identity apparel online provides five major advantages: a​ greater selection, better pricing, convenience, customer service, and faster ordering time.
Factories often display their entire line of​ products on the web, providing you with a​ greater selection of​ products .​
With all of​ these factories on the web, you gain the opportunity to​ compare quality and pricing in​ a​ simple and easy online format, instead of​ wasting time browsing through endless catalogs that crowd your work center.
Better pricing is​ readily available on the web, but you have to​ dig and probe for it .​
Type in​ any promotional product related keywords into your favorite search engine and sift through the results until you find a​ promotional products company with discount pricing .​
a​ great trick is​ to​ choose an​ item and have several promotional product companies give you a​ quote, ALWAYS including any set up charges and freight .​
This will get you a​ true number to​ compare an​ exact total cost.
How do these online web companies afford to​ sell the exact same product for less than other distributors? Traditionally, promotional items are sold by a​ distributor who has a​ whole staff of​ outside sales people that will go to​ your business, show you tons samples, and baby sit you through the process of​ placing an​ order .​
These outside sales people are number one primary expense of​ an​ off-line distributor .​
Believe me this expense is​ then factored into the price of​ the promotional item you are purchasing, thus raising your total cost .​
By purchasing discount promotional products on the web, you can eliminate lining some salespersons pockets and reduce your purchase price by a​ considerable amount of​ money.
The Convenience comes with the ability of​ placing your entire order online .​
All successful web companies offer this service with encrypted order forms to​ secure your purchasing information .​
You may send your artwork via email .​
This is​ made easy with the online form .​
With online ordering you gain the convenience of​ placing your order anytime, twenty-four hours a​ day seven days a​ week.
A few of​ these online web companies also provide customer service departments with extended hours .​
They are set up to​ take your calls, handle your rush orders, and to​ answer your questions promptly .​
If you prefer to​ communicate through e-mail, this is​ a​ great way to​ document your order from start to​ finish .​
You can e-mail a​ question to​ your distributor, leave for a​ break, and have it​ answered by the time you return.
A much faster ordering time is​ the fifth major result of​ the online purchase .​
I​ have personally visited hundreds of​ clients .​
This obviously requires an​ appointment, which naturally must fit into both parties' schedules .​
An off-line salesperson is​ forced to​ interpret your needs prior to​ your meeting .​
Then bring what samples and catalogs they have on hand, but these may not meet your needs and thus your ordering time will be extended for a​ second meeting .​
If you have any questions about product availability, turn around time, or​ any other factory sensitive inquiries, the salesperson will have to​ return to​ his office in​ order to​ contact the factory, to​ get you your answers .​
When you order from an​ online web company, the customer service team is​ already in​ their office, so they can contact the factory with your questions and call you back immediately.
I have given you five great reasons to​ buy Imprinted products from an​ online discount promotional products company, but I​ must also remind you that there is​ always a​ trade off .​
Online promotional products companies work very hard to​ cut all possible costs and to​ pass this savings on to​ you .​
You will find that this results in​ a​ charge for samples and pre-payment requirements .​
The charge for promotional samples insures that the company will not give away products to​ non-customers, as​ this would considerably raise the real customers' costs .​
Paying in​ advance is​ very common among internet purchasing in​ general, and necessary for almost every online company to​ insure payment .​
Pre-payment is​ nothing to​ worry about .​
You still have the right to​ a​ quality product, and you gain an​ enormous savings.
Another Tip: When purchasing imprinted corporate apparel, select an​ online company that has in-house embroidery and screen printing facilities .​
It has been my experience that these companies will have much better control of​ expediting your orders, a​ better knowledge of​ branding, experience which allows them to​ better monitor quality control, and a​ much better capabilities to​ complete rush orders quicker.
Today you will find that many more successful businesses are now placing their promotional product and corporate apparel orders in​ the hands of​ these qualified discount online distributors .​
The advantages are numerous; convenience, speed, selection, accountability, service, and above all, savings.

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