Adult Web Hosting The Right Way To Do It

Adult Web Hosting The Right Way To Do It

It’s still one of​ the​ greatest moneymakers on the​ web. it​ still gets more traffic than most other web-based industries. So if​ you’re considering starting an​ adult website, it​ is​ certainly no wonder why. With some business acumen, a​ bit of​ ethics, and​ certain knowledge of​ the​ law, you can make quite a​ living in​ the​ adult web hosting industry. the​ focus of​ this article is​ the​ legalities of​ running an​ adult website -- or​ how to​ run an​ adult website without getting yourself in​ a​ whole heap of​ trouble -- and​ there’s a​ lot to​ it. So let’s get started.

Laws relating to​ adult web hosting are localized, meaning that they vary depending on the​ town/city, state, or​ country both you and​ your audience is​ in. That can present a​ huge problem, as​ you the​ webmaster can only do your best to​ abide by each of​ the​ laws of​ each locality in​ which you plan to​ do business. Fortunately, most all laws in​ this area are based around a​ single concept, the​ understanding of​ which can help your adult website avoid getting targeted. That concept is: obscenity.

Though obscenity has many disparate definitions, as​ it​ applies to​ adult web hosting it​ refers to​ such debasements as​ bestiality, incest, rape, and​ child po​rnography. Any site that promotes these items (and doesn’t get shut down by the​ feds) is​ probably faking. if​ the​ booming market in​ the​ perverse is​ simply too much for​ you to​ ignore, however, and​ you decide to​ dare to​ host an​ adult site promoting these elements, just make sure you fake it​ too.

One test commonly used to​ determine a​ site’s obscenity, according to​ law, is​ the​ Miller Test, which states that if​ a​ website (or periodical, etc.) taken as​ a​ whole is​ found to​ be entirely lacking in​ artistic, scientific, literary, or​ cultural merit, as​ per the​ local community’s mores, it​ is​ deemed “obscene”. the​ best way to​ avoid your adult site from getting red flagged this way is​ to​ include non-adult content somewhere (preferably on more than a​ few pages) in​ your site. Think of​ Playboy, with its articles on politics and​ such. the​ bonus is, you can use this material to​ promote your adult site to​ a​ broader audience.

A federal law that all U.S. adult sites must abide by is​ 18 U.S.C. 2257, which says that records documenting the​ legal age verification of​ each model depicted in​ a​ manner that is​ considered sexually explicit must be kept. No models under 18 years of​ age can appear in​ such a​ manner, nor can models over 18 years of​ age if​ they are unable to​ provide copies of​ sufficient age verification documents.

And this doesn’t only apply to​ models you shoot with your own photographers. This applies to​ any stock footage you use as​ well. Don’t assume that another website with images you’d like to​ use has done their due diligence. You must always do your own.

Your website’s landing page, or​ at​ least a​ preliminary webpage visitors to​ your site will view before being allowed entry the​ restricted, adult-content areas, must be a​ “Warning Page” that acts as​ a​ disclaimer stating that “this site contains adult material and​ should not be viewed by anyone under 21 years of​ age”. On this Warning Page it​ must also state clear that if​ viewing adult material is​ illegal in​ the​ state in​ which your visitors reside then they should not enter your website.

That having been said, you are still not freed from the​ responsibility of​ keeping minors from seeing the​ adult content in​ your site. it​ just shows that you’ve put forth the​ minimal good faith effort to​ keep them out. if​ you were to​ get prosecuted for​ allowing minors to​ view the​ adult content on your site, a​ Warning Page by itself is​ a​ shoddy defense.

How you take matters into your own hands is​ with an​ Age Verification System (AVS), which you must provide as​ a​ gateway for​ visitors wishing to​ enter your website. the​ logic behind an​ AVS is​ weak at​ best -- presuming that simply because someone has a​ credit card in​ their name, they are probably over 18 -- but it’s all we’ve got at​ the​ moment. What more can you do? if​ you can hire your own personal (or company) lawyer, all the​ better. Otherwise, we recommend having your site hosted by a​ web hosting provider that advertises its support for​ adult websites and​ maybe even offers tools (like an​ AVS) to​ help you to​ better run yours. Look around. They’re out there.

Adult Web Hosting The Right Way To Do It

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