Adult Add Why Implementing Add Friendly System Are Important

Adult Add Why Implementing Add Friendly System Are Important

If you have ADD, do find yourself wanting to​ make more money? Do you want to​ be happier?

You may find that if​ you just cut loose when you're ADD-driven, the​ next thing you know, you'll look around and​ say, “Oh, my gosh, where did all this mess come from?”

When you realize that it's all yours, you'll probably feel horrible. ADD people really do like to​ have things tidy. So, if​ you create a​ system to​ deal with the​ messes you inevitably make, you'll know where everything goes and​ if​ you decide to​ clean it​ all up, it​ can be done easily.

Otherwise, don't you feel overwhelmed?

Stop wallowing in​ the, “Oh, gee, why can’t I get anything done?” mode. Make the​ decision to​ eliminate confusion from your life because it​ doesn't serve you in​ any way.

When you have ADD, using systems makes life easier. Then, you can stop being so overwhelmed and​ have success.

But you won't always get the​ steps right, the​ very first time around. Try writing them down on paper. You don't need to​ do that with simple systems, even if​ you have ADD, but if​ you devise something more complicated, don’t try to​ remember all that stuff in​ your ADD brain because that’s just another kind of​ clutter.

If you’re creating your own systems, think them out and​ then, write the​ steps down. You may write them down on paper or​ you may enter the​ steps into your computer. You may want to​ print them out or​ put them all in​ a​ notebook. However you record the​ system is​ up to​ you. Then, when you go to​ use the​ ADD-friendly system, you can bring up the​ steps immediately, and​ just go through them as​ you would a​ checklist.

For an​ example of​ a​ simple system, ADD people are always leaving their personal effects around--their wallets, their purses, their keys, their cell phone--things you always carry with you when you’re heading out the​ door. and​ when you have ADD, they’re probably spread out all over the​ place.

Do you have a​ system for​ just keeping track of​ the​ basic stuff that you need on a​ daily basis, when you’re on your way out the​ door?

What is​ it​ that you do naturally when you come in​ with your keys, your wallet, and​ your Palm Pilot and​ whatever else it​ is​ that you’re carrying? Where do you put it?

You probably come into the​ house or​ office and​ just drop your things somewhere. So, think about that. That’s what you’re doing naturally.

Organizers have a​ system that they call a​ “launch pad,” and​ what they mean by that is​ to​ create a​ place that’s easy for​ you to​ access when you first walk in​ the​ door, like a​ shelf with maybe some pegs for​ your keys or​ a​ bucket, but a​ launch pad that you can access on your way out the​ door, too.

It doesn’t matter what it​ is. It’s just got to​ be something that works for​ you and​ is​ geared toward your ADD brain. Some people like a​ drawer. Some people like stuff hung up. the​ easiest way to​ deal with losing important stuff is​ to​ just have launch pads so that whatever you do naturally, you can train yourself to​ "Put it​ on the​ launch pad.”

Systems are enormously helpful to​ folks with ADD. They don't have to​ be complicated, but if​ they are, record the​ system's steps in​ written form so that you never forget. Systems make life easier when you have ADD. Create some to​ solve your biggest problems and​ you'll be a​ much happier person.

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