Adobe Reader 8 Review

Adobe Reader 8 review
Adobe Reader 8
If you use earlier editions from Adobe and then start using adobe acrobat reader 8 then there will be lot of​ positive surprises .​
The first and most important is​ loading time .​
The time taken to​ open a​ file is​ very less as​ compared to​ earlier versions .​
There are many advantages as​ viewing screen is​ larger than earlier one and there is​ special taskbar on left hand side of​ document which allows you to​ add comments, thumbnails, which show where we are right now when there are many pages to​ read .​
There is​ one more option where you can create PDF files online but that is​ not preferable as​ there is​ good free software such as​ primo PDF you can see the review of​ that software on review page on
Adobe PDF 8 have net meeting feature where people all across the world having internet can connect with each other and share their PDF files and presentation online it​ is​ very good for corporate and business clients but not so useful for normal people.
It has very simple tool bar containing zooming options, printing, page numbers, and search option where you can search for required word or​ bookmark .​
So it​ is​ very convenient for reading e books .​
The most impressive feature is​ faster opening of​ online PDF files and faster file saving from Internet.
It also has automatic scroll option where you don’t have to​ click to​ go ahead with page and it​ is​ done automatically .​
It also has full screen mode to​ read documents as​ in​ book .​
It is​ good for reading e books where you can concentrate on material as​ there is​ no toolbar etc to​ distract you.
Some features such as​ dictionary additions and digital signature that are good.
Appearance: ***1/2
Ease of​ working: *****
Tools: ***1/2

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