Ad Tracking Increases Your Profits

Ad Tracking Increases Your Profits
How do you know whether your advertising is​ effective or​ not? The answer is​ to​ track advertising response for each ad you run.
Whether you operate a​ retail store, a​ service business, a​ mail order operation, or​ an​ Internet marketing business, you can measure the effectiveness of​ your advertising.
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Which Publications Produce Profits?
When new customers phone or​ visit you, ask how they found out about you .​
They might say they found you through your yellow pages ad or​ your newspaper ad.
Record the responses and resulting sales from each ad .​
Then, analyze whether each particular advertisement is​ producing the desired results.
If an​ advertisement consistently produces profits for you, keep running it .​
On the other hand, if​ an​ ad consistently performs poorly or​ produces a​ loss, discontinue it.
In mail order, you can key each ad so that you can measure the resulting sales from each publication.
For example, you could add Dept .​
a​ to​ your name or​ address in​ the ad to​ indicate the July issue of​ a​ particular magazine .​
Key it​ as​ Dept .​
B for the August issue of​ the same magazine .​
Dept .​
C could indicate the July issue of​ a​ different magazine you advertise in.
Thus, as​ orders come in, you can track the response and sales made from each advertisement .​
From that information, you can easily determine the profitability of​ your ad in​ each publication.
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Which Ads Produce Profits?
Not only can ad tracking show you which publications are profiitable to​ advertise in, but it​ will also help you measure the effectiveness of​ the ads themselves.
If you change your ad, and the results for the new ad are consistently better or​ worse, you can take the appropriate action; either continue or​ discontinue the advertisement.
Change only one element in​ an​ ad at​ a​ time .​
For example, if​ you decide to​ change the price, don't change the headline .​
Otherwise, you won't know if​ the difference in​ results was due to​ the changed price or​ the changed headline .​
For greater certainty, change only one thing at​ a​ time when testing your ads.
On the Internet, you can use tracking software and services that will aid you to​ determine the source of​ your sales and the effectiveness of​ your advertising, article writing, and other activities.
So, whether you operate a​ retail store, a​ service business, a​ mail order operation, or​ an​ Internet marketing business, use ad tracking for increased profits.

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