Acupuncture Treatment To Quit Smoking Does It Actually Work

Acupuncture Treatment To Quit Smoking Does it​ Actually Work?
Acupuncture is​ an alternative medical method that originated from China. ​
This method is​ based upon the​ old Chinese assumption that there are invisible energy point scattered across the​ human body. ​
Theses energy points are called Meridians. ​
during an Acupuncture treatment, tiny needles are inserted into the​ Meridians, causing he energy flow through them to change. ​
This principle is​ used for​ quit a​ few benefits
* it​ can open up energy blocks that will relieve pain and​ ​ stress
* it​ can reduce cravings
* it​ can strengthen your energy and​ ​ vitality
In the​ past years, Acupuncture has been used, among other uses, to help people stop smoking. ​
The treatment included inserting the​ needles to specific points among them, a​ few points in the​ outer ear. ​
This treatment was supposed to reduce the​ cravings to another cigarette and​ ​ help those people on their way to quit smoking. ​
In the​ first few years of​ using this method, it​ was quit popular and​ ​ gained a​ lot of​ followers that recommended it. ​
That was mainly because the​ method is​ not invasive and​ ​ is​ very suitable for​ people who cant, or​ wont take medicine and​ ​ other strong stuff. ​
But, for​ the​ last few years, the​ use of​ Acupuncture in smoking cessation has reduced significantly. ​
This happens because of​ the​ following reasons
* the​ percentage of​ people who actually stooped smoking while using Acupuncture was small. ​
This indicated that Acupuncture is​ not the​ best choice for​ people who want to quit smoking.
* New solutions were introduced to the​ scene, such as​ laser treatment, and​ ​ shots treatment. ​
This article does not discuss these methods, so lets just say that they proved to be by far more effective than Acupuncture.
To conclude, it​ is​ clear that Acupuncture has its place as​ an alternative method, and​ ​ many people report getting results with it. ​
if ​ you want to give it​ a​ shot in your efforts to stop smoking, it​ is​ advised that you find a​ therapist with a​ proven back record of​ success with helping people stop smoking. ​
However, I ​ would say that as​ a​ means to help smoking cessation, there are much better solutions out there, so Acupuncture is​ in my opinion not the​ best choice.

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