Acting Opportunities

Acting Opportunities

Here are a​ few ideas on maximizing your any acting opportunities that might come your way, or​ creating the opportunities in​ the first place.
An agent can get your face seen in​ places that you alone could not .​
This increases the likelihood of​ you getting work .​
The more swings you make the more balls you hit! But there are many acting opportunities to​ be found without an​ agent .​
Though nearly all Film, TV, Broadway and Off Broadway productions will exclusively use agent submissions, you can still find work without an​ agent .​
Community and Dinner Theatre, student and some Indie films will take unrepresented actors.
The more experience and skills you have the more likely it​ is​ that an​ agent will take you on .​
An agent makes money when you work, so they will be keen to​ sign you up if​ you can show what an​ asset you will be to​ them .​
There is​ nothing wrong with sending a​ Resume and Headshot (more on those later), but it’s essential that you send follow-up cards letting the agent know where and when you will be working, so they can see for themselves what a​ good actor you are.
Resumes help, they help in​ getting an​ agent but once you have one, your agent will use it​ to​ get you auditions .​
There are some rules for resumes, here are are the major ones.
Keep it​ to​ one page (8.5 x 11), if​ its more than one page the pages might get separated and details lost.
Make it​ neat .​
People have been known to​ get around the above restriction by using a​ small font size, its a​ judgement call but if​ the type is​ too small it​ will be hard to​ read.
The Headshot should be recent, but use a​ photograph that shows you at​ your absolute best.
Make sure that all your contact information is​ correct, its also an​ idea to​ set up an​ email address specifically for your acting correspondence, this may stop you deleting essential emails.
The big tip for resumes is​ DON’T LIE! We have all exaggerated something on an​ application form at​ some time, but you should be very careful about what you say you can do on your resume .​
Future opportunities could be endangered if​ you lie and you will look foolish if​ you’ve put motorcycle riding down as​ a​ skill and on your first day on set you have to​ admit you just to​ get the part.
The majority of​ acting opportunities are focused around the major cities like New York and L.A .​
But other opportunities crop up all over the country, some of​ which I​ mentioned in​ the opening paragraph .​
The most lucrative can be commercials for local car dealerships, restaurants and large local stores .​
These are usually produced by local agencies who will normally use local talent because it’s easier and cheaper than flying in​ someone from L.A .​
The director will still only hire actors with the relevant skill and look, but you can improve your opportunities if​ you have a​ diverse or​ ethnically ambiguous look, i.e .​
if​ you can pass for more than one type of​ race .​
Thanks for taking the time to​ read this article, I​ hope that it’s given you a​ few ideas on maximizing your acting opportunities.I hope it​ helped and gave you a​ few ideas.

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