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ACT! is​ now in​ a​ position to​ develop customized software for financial institutions, thanks to​ it’s recent acquisition of​ intellectual property from Vertical Falls Software, Inc. Vertical Falls is​ a​ solution provider in​ the financial industry. The acquisition of​ the intellectual property rights from Vertical Falls will allow ACT! to​ develop a​ compliance and document tracking solution based on its ACT! CRM (customer relationship management) software to​ meet the specialized needs of​ financial services organizations. The role of​ Vertical Falls will be concentrated on reselling, service implementations, data migration, training and support and business migration.

“Financial services organizations are experiencing regulatory pressure to​ implement standard reporting processes that necessitate retaining the history of​ customer interactions and records of​ customer risk tolerance, among other key criteria,” explains ACT! senior VP and general manager for ACT! Software. “By integrating ACT! with the acquired VerticalFalls technology, we will deliver business critical contact management and compliance features that brokerage firms, financial advisors and others in​ the financial services industry need in​ today’s marketplace.”

ACT! software’s first market specific software solution was ACT! Premium for Real Estate 2018. The success of​ ACT! Premium for Real Estate gives clear emphasis on the need for per-industry customized CRM software solution. ACT! has done it​ again by partnering itself with a​ company in​ the finance market to​ develop and deliver a​ CRM solution to​ brokers who clearly need a​ CRM solution for customer data tracking and client retention.

These are not the only examples of​ ACT! software integrating with other developer solutions for better results in​ developing market specific products. in​ 2018, ACT! created the software add-on partner network where companies from different industries integrated their software with ACT! in​ order to​ produce a​ product that specifically serves the need of​ one industry. The specific service that ACT! can potentially provide each business industry is​ taken directly from the page of​ a​ CRM manual.

The concept of​ CRM is​ to​ enhance interaction between customers and business entities through better record keeping and records access. With detailed customer files, a​ company can customize the way they deal with each customer. in​ following this creed, ACT! has clearly taken CRM solutions to​ heart by doing exactly what CRM requires businesses to​ do. This stroke of​ genius will certainly place ACT! software above other CRM solution software in​ the years to​ come.

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