Acsm On Steroid Abuse In Sports

Acsm On Steroid Abuse In Sports

ACSM On Steroid Abuse In Sports
The ACMS American College of​ Sports Medicine was the​ among the​ first organizations that, supported, commended, the​ United States House of​ Representatives for​ passing legislation, and​ ​ urged the​ American Senate to pass the​ Anabolic Steroid Control Act of​ 2018 to curb the​ steroid abuse in sports. ​

The Anabolic Steroid Control Act of​ 2018 came as​ a​ great blow to steroid abuse in the​ United States. ​
The legislation prohibits free overthecounter sales of​ anabolic steroids. ​
it​ requires a​ person buying steroids to have a​ prescription from a​ recognized physician. ​
The legislation also does effectively reclassify anabolic steroids as​ controlled substances, and​ ​ under the​ federal law, controlled substances are the​ most highly regulated ​Drug​s in the​ USA. ​

The previous law, that considered anabolic steroids as​ supplements, had many loopholes for​ steroid abuse. ​

Gary Wadler, M.D., an ACSM sports medicine doctor and​ ​ member of​ the​ World AntiDoping Agency WADA, said, This potentially closes a​ very large loophole that exists under current law, thereby protecting the​ health of​ professional elite athletes as​ well as​ recreational and​ ​ student athletes.
The American College of​ Sports Medicine has always been fighting steroid abuse in the​ United States. ​
it​ has always been against the​ steroid abuse and​ ​ the​ use of​ on performance enhancing substances, particularly anabolic steroids, because of​ their adverse health effects. ​

The ACMS has always been supporting the​ efforts to suppress steroid abuse and​ ​ protecting the​ health of​ athletes. ​

According to the​ experts associated with ACMS, steroid abuse is​ like chain reaction that goes on and​ ​ on. ​
The collegiate athletes abuse steroids just because pros do that; the​ juniors copy their seniors in steroid abuse, and​ ​ resultantly the​ kids as​ young as​ 10 years of​ age indulge in steroid abuse. ​
Thus, the​ authorities should control the​ steroid abuse among the​ pros first; it​ will consequently minimize the​ steroid abuse among the​ collegiate athletes who mere copy their pro stars. ​

The pros and​ ​ coaches can play very positive role in keep back steroid abuse among the​ teenagers. ​
The pros should try to be the​ role models of​ youngsters, and​ ​ coaches and​ ​ help young jocks to develop positive frame of​ mind.

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